TOP 10 Signal Generator Manual deals

  • Koolertron Upgraded 60MHz DDS Signal Generator Counter,High Precision Dual-channel Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator Frequency Meter 200MSa/s (60MHz)

    Advantage: High-frequency precision up to 10-6 orders of magnitude. Full range of 0.01μHz frequency resolution. Minimum amplitude resolution can be up to 1mV. Duty cycle of each channel can be adjusted separately. Precision can be 0.1%. Frequency Characteristic: Sine frequency range: 0~60MHz Square & Triangle Wave: 0~15MHz Pulse & Arbitrary & TTL Digital Signal Wave: 0~6MHz Square rise time: ≤15nS Pulse width adjustment range: 30nS~4000S Frequency accuracy: ±20ppm×10-6 Frequency stability: ±1ppm×10-6/3h Waveform Characteristic: Waveform: Sine, Square, Triangle, Pulse (duty-cycle correction), Partial Sine, CMOS, DC level, Half-wave, Full-Wave, Pos-Ladder, Neg-Ladder, Noise, Exponential Rise, Exponential Fall, Tone, Sinc Pulse, Lorentz Pulse, and 60 kinds user-defined wavefo

    • UPC: 886085651807
    • ASIN: B073P6TKQC
    • Brand: Koolertron
    • Size: 60MHz
    • Manufacturer: Koolertron

  • Practical Audio Amplifier Circuit Projects

    Practical Audio Amplifier Circuit Projects builds on the introduction to electronic circuits provided in Singmin's innovative and successful first book, Beginning Electronics Through Projects. Both books draw on the author's many years of experience as electronics professional and as hobbyist. As a result, his project descriptions are lively, practical, and very clear. With this new volume, the reader can build relatively simple systems and achieve useable results quickly. The projects included here allow a hobbyist to build amplifier circuits, test them, and then put them into a system. Progress through a graduated series of learning activities culminates in unique devices that are nevertheless easy to build. Learn the basic building blocks of audio amplifier circuit design and then

    • ASIN: 0750671491
    • ISBN: 0750671491
    • Manufacturer: Newnes

  • Signal Generator, KKmoon High Precision Digital DDS Dual-Channel Signal Source Generator Arbitrary Waveform Frequency Meter 200MSa/s 25MHz

    ❤❤Specifications: ❤❤Frequency Range:Sine Wave ❤❤Normal Modes(Optional): 0.01Hz~6MHz / 0.01Hz~12MHz / 0.01Hz~20MHz / 0.01Hz~25MHz ❤❤Square Wave:0.01Hz~6MHz ❤❤Triangle Wave:0.01Hz~6MHz ❤❤Sawtooth Wave:0.01Hz~6MHz ❤❤Arbitrary Waveform0.01Hz~6MHz ❤❤TTL Digital Signal Wave:0.01Hz~6MHz ❤❤The Min. Frequency Resolution:10mHz ❤❤Amplitude Range(Peak to Peak):5mVp-p~20Vp-p ❤❤Output Impedance:50Ω(+/-10%) ❤❤Offset Range:-120%~120% (The ratio of bias voltage and signal amplitude) ❤❤Sine WaveHarmonic Arrived System40dBc(

    • ASIN: B071HJ31WN
    • Brand: KKmoon
    • Size: 25MHz
    • Manufacturer: KKmoon

  • Signal Generator, KKmoon High Precision Digital Dual-channel DDS Signal Generator Counter 2.4in Screen Display Arbitrary Waveform Pulse Signal Generator 0.01uHz-60MHz Function Frequency Meter 266MSa/s

    Specifications: Material: Aluminum Alloy Sine Wave Range(Optional):0Hz~15MHz、0Hz~30MHz、0Hz~60MHz Square Wave Range:0Hz~15MHz Triangle Wave Range:0Hz~15MHz Pulse Wave Range:0Hz~6MHz Arbitrary Wave Range:0Hz~6MHz TTL Digital Signal Wave:0Hz~6MHz Square Wave Rise Time:≤25ns、≤20ns、≤15ns Pulse width adjustment range:150nS-4000S、60nS-4000S、30nS-4000S Min. Frequency Resolution:0.01µHz(0.00000001Hz) Waveform Types:Sine/Triangle/Square/Pulse(duty-cycle adjustable, Pulse width and cycle time adjustable )/Partial Sine/CMOS/DC Level/Half-wave/Full-wave/Pos-Ladder/Neg-Ladder/Noise/Exponential Rise/Exponential Fall/Tone/Sinc Pulse/Lorentz Pulse, and 60 kinds of user defined waveforms. Amplitude Range:Frequency≤10MHz、10MHz30MHz; 2mVpp~20Vpp、2mVpp~10Vp

    • ASIN: B07Q8GLC5M
    • Brand: KKmoon
    • Size: 60MHz Signal Generator & US Plug
    • Manufacturer: KKmoon

  • UCTRONICS DC 0-10V 0/4-20mA Current Voltage Signal Generator, USB Power Supply Interface Analog Simulator for PLC and Panel Debugging, Device Testing, Frequency Converter, Flow Valve

    UCTRONICS signal generator is designed to simulate 0-10V voltage signal and 0/4-20mA current signal for PLC and panel Debugging, Device Testing, Frequency Converter, Flow Valve, ect. Very easy to use, it can be connected with micro USB-5V power supply or DC 15-30V external power. What's more, it can display 4 different types of digit, 0-10V voltage, 0-22mA current, 0-100 percent and 0-50HZ. It will play a important role in your electronics work. This item does not include any battery inside.

    • ASIN: B07L491RLM
    • Brand: UCTRONICS
    • Manufacturer: UCTRONICS

  • Build Your Own Low-Cost Signal Generator

    no description

    • ASIN: 0070304289
    • ISBN: 007115387X
    • Manufacturer: Tab Books

  • DC 5-12V/15-160V Stepper Motor Drive,PWM Adjustable Stepper Motor Controller Signal Generator Speed Regulator

    Specification: Power supply voltage: 15-160V / 5-12V Frequency: High: 5.8KHZ-127KHZ, Mid: 590HZ-15.8KHZ, Low: 82HZ-2.3KHZ Size: Approx. 73 x 51 x 37mm / 2.87 x 2 x 1.45inch Weight: 50g Quantity: 1pc Package List: 1 x PWM Generator Note: If you use to start or stop the function, ENA controller enable terminal must be connected to common cathode or common anode drive.

    • UPC: 713325028436
    • Brand: SYWAN
    • Manufacturer: Sywan

  • SainSmart UDB1002S DDS Signal Generator, 2MHz Sweep Function Source Rev3.0 PC Serial Ports COMM

    This is a complete DDS signal source, Adopts DC5V power supply, can output the sine wave, square wave (Duty cycle Can be adjust from1% -99%) , triangle wave and sawtooth wave and various function wavefrom, maximum output can reach up to 10 Vpp, frequency range from 0.01 Hz-2 MHz .Resolution for 10 MHz, with TTL synchronization output and 60 MHz frequency meter. Specifications: * MAX Frequency:2MHz * Wave form:sine wave, square wave,triangle wave and sawtooth wave * Max output:10Vpp(no-load) * Otput Resistance: 50Ω±10% * DC bias:±5V * Duty cycle:1%-99% * Display: LCD1602 * Output frequency range: * sine wave: 0.01Hz-2MHz * Square-wave: 0.01 Hz - 1MHz (the valid range) * Triangle wave :0.01 Hz - 1MHz (the valid range) * Sawtooth wave :0.01 Hz ~ 1MHz (the valid range) * Resolution

    • ASIN: B00JTR66CG
    • Brand: sainsmart
    • Manufacturer: SainSmart

  • Signal Generator DIY Kit, KKmoon XR2206 High Precision Function Signal Generator DIY Kit Sine/Triangle/Square Output 1Hz-1MHz Adjustable Frequency

    ◕‿◕This signal generator DIY kit is professional product to generate sine/triangle/square wave. It's a DIY kit for you to weld and install. ◕‿◕Features: High resolution, can generate sine/triangle/square waveforms. Frequency range: 1Hz-1MHz. Adjustable frequency and amplitude. Frequency adjustment features coarse tuning and fine tuning. Wide power supply range, use 9-12V external power or 9V battery(NOT Included). All are through hole components, easy for installation. ◕‿◕Specifications: Voltage Supply: 9-12V DC Input Waveforms: Square, Sine & Triangle Impedance: 600 Ohm + 10% Frequency: 1Hz-1MHz SINE WAVE Amplitude: 0-3V at 9V DC Input Distortion: Less than 1% (at 1KHz) Flatness: +0.05dB 1Hz - 100kHz SQUARE WAVE Amplitude: 8V (no load) at 9V DC Input Rise Time: Less

    • UPC: 713893274877
    • ASIN: B01HM70CMY
    • Brand: KKmoon
    • Manufacturer: KKmoon