TOP 10 15 Inch Snare deals

  • PureSound Custom Series Snare Wire, 20 Strand, 15 Inch

    Designed for 15" snare drums, the Custom series snare wires feature 20-strands of medium-gauge wire, allowing for maximum snare presence.The Custom Series wires feature medium-gauge wire with evenly spaced standard coils. The Custom line offers four different strand configurations that can be employed to change the balance between the drum and snare components of the sound. Models with more strands tend to allow the snares to be more active in influencing the sound while those with less strands allow the drum to be more prominent in the overall sound.PureSound offers a wide variety of professional quality snare wires including a selection of vintage wires designed specifically for older snare drums with unique snare mechanisms. PureSound snare wires are designed, engineered and manufa

    • UPC: 046716576606
    • ASIN: B004YCXC64
    • Brand: PureSound
    • Size: 15 Inch
    • Manufacturer: D'Addario &Co. Inc

  • Remo BE0815-ES 15-Inch Emperor Drum Head, Black Suede

    The BLACK SUEDE Emperor drumheads feature 2-plies of textured EBONY 7.5-mil film.

    • UPC: 757242483572
    • ASIN: B003AYTH16
    • Brand: Remo
    • Size: 15-inch
    • Manufacturer: KMC Music Inc

  • Evans Clear 300 Snare Side Drumhead, 15" - Made Using a Single Ply of 3mil Film for Wide Dynamic Range and Controlled Snare Response at all Dynamic Levels - Versatile for Many Playing Styles

    Evans’ most versatile and best-selling snare resonant drumhead, the Clear 300 is ideal for a wide range of playing dynamics and tunings. It features a single ply of 3mil film that provides a wide dynamic range and controlled snare response at all dynamic levels. Enhanced with revolutionary Level 360 technology, the clear snare side head is easier to tune, with a wider tonal range than ever before. Applying the new Level 360 collar shape to the clear snare side drumhead allows it to seat itself properly and in turn provides a head that is easy to tune and a sound that is studio ready. Evans clear 300 snare side drumheads are available in 8", 10", 12", 13", 14” and 15". For over 60 years, Evans Drumheads has been a pioneer in drum head manufacturing and design. Now part of D’Addar

    • UPC: 019954502898
    • ASIN: B0029ZAOIC
    • Brand: Evans
    • Size: 15 Inch
    • Manufacturer: D'Addario &Co. Inc

  • Snare Drum Stand Lightweight Double Braced Adjustable Height with Carrying Bag Fit 10" to 15" Dia Drums

    Vangoa Lightweight Double Braced Tripod Snare Drum Stand with Carry Bag Descriptions: This snare drum stand is height-adjustable and width-adjustable, can be set to meet your need. It is universal applicable to all sizes snare drum with a simple and firm structure. Features: 1. HIGH QUALITYIt is made of quality stainless steel material, durable, not easily deformed and corrosion-resistant. 2. SMOOTH ADJUSTMENTStainless knob keeps adjustment smoothly. 3. ANGLE ADJUSTABLE It can be adjusted in different angle to meet your needs.4. PORTABLEIt comes with a 420D Oxford Cloth Carry Bag, convenient for storage and carry. Specifications: 1. Color: Silver 2. Material: Metal 3. Folded Length: 48 cm/ 19 in 4. Package Size: 38 x 15 x 10cm/ 15 x 6 x 4 in 5. Net Weight: 1600 g/3.53 lb 6. Gross Wei

    • UPC: 714131195305
    • ASIN: B07CYSN3YH
    • Brand: Vangoa
    • Size: Snare Stand
    • Manufacturer: Vangoa

  • Stagg SW520A Snare Strands for 15" Snare Drum

    From our finest dual-hammered cymbals to our acclaimed TIM drum kits, Stagg will make you stay in the rhythm!

    • UPC: 882030010064
    • ASIN: B01DZQZVF4
    • Brand: Stagg
    • Manufacturer: Stagg

  • Evans Onyx Drumhead, 15 Inch

    The Onyx tom heads are designed with two plies of 7.5 mil film that will deliver enhanced durability while making the drums cut live. A micro-clear coating gives the Onyx heads a matte black appearance, produces more low-end and a punchier attack.

    • UPC: 019954959685
    • ASIN: B001UAPQNA
    • Brand: Evans
    • Size: 15 Inch
    • Manufacturer: D'Addario &Co. Inc

  • Ludwig LAS22SS Atlas Standard Snare Stand

    Not every gig calls for the heaviest-duty hardware. For most gigging-professionals, a high-function, reliable set of durable medium/heavy-weight stands is first-call. Atlas Standard is the solution. Affordably priced with all the necessary features needed for medium-to-large venues, in weights that won't require paying a drum tech to lug them around. Features: Ball-in-socket tilter mechanism. New Keystone wing nuts and base feet. Sturdy double-braced legs. Adjusts down to 15" height for deep snare drums and low setups.

    • UPC: 641064837593
    • ASIN: B0076NB4PY
    • Brand: Ludwig
    • Size: -inch
    • Manufacturer: Ludwig

  • Remo 15" Vintage Coated Ambassador Snare Drumhead

    Remo Vintage Coated Provides focused mid range tones and soft feel Provides focused mid range tones and soft feel

    • UPC: 757242483237
    • ASIN: B0030M2EG8
    • Brand: Remo
    • Size: 15-inch
    • Manufacturer: Remo Inc.

  • Remo Vintage Emperor Drumhead Clear 15 inch

    Vintage Emperor Clear Drumhead 15 in. When jazz and crooners subtly passed the reins to rock and roll in the 60's, the Remo Emperor Series Drumhead bore witness and laid down the backbeat. Now the Vintage Emperor is a reissue of the original Emperor drumhead that contributed to some of the most distinct and memorable drum sounds in history! Offering a mid-range punch and a pleasant ring, the Emperor is constructed of 2-plies of Clear 7.5-mil polyester films, featuring arm transparent midrange tones with enhanced attack and durability.

    • UPC: 757242523964
    • ASIN: B00724ZSDQ
    • Brand: Remo
    • Size: 15"
    • Manufacturer: KMC Music Inc

  • Snare Drum Bag for 13" 14" 15" roof Waterp Oxford Thickening Backpack Instrument Case with Pocket

    Black backpack designed for 13/14/15inch snare drum. Adopts for oxford fabric, lightweight and durable. With outside pockets for storing drum accessories and drum sticks. Top carrying handle and adjustable shoulder straps for convenient transport. Protecting your drum while in transit or keeping it away from dust when not in use.

    • UPC: 735935914015
    • ASIN: B07CBZ759M
    • Brand: MoonEmbassy
    • Manufacturer: Like-it Music