TOP 10 15 Inch Dual Voice Coil deals

  • Earthquake Sound Tremor-X15D4 15-inch Dual Voice Coil Car Subwoofer, 1500 Watts

    You've been asking and Earthquake Sound has been listening. The tremor-x subwoofers are now made with Dual coil by popular demand. These tremor-x's are built with tct technology which allows the driver to play louder longer by keeping the voice coil running cool at all times. They also have stitched leads, reinforced dust cap construction for linear movement, and bigger, more effective magnets with added cooling devices to increase efficiency even more. The tremor-x subwoofers have No equal and are ready to prove it.

    • UPC: 689759101338
    • ASIN: B079Y93BSQ
    • Brand: Earthquake Sound
    • Size: 15-inch
    • Manufacturer: Earthquake Sound

  • CERWIN VEGA ST152D Stroker 2400 Watts 2 Ohms/1200Watts RMS Power Handling Max 15-Inch Dual Voice Coil

    the new STROKER series subwoofers are built so that you can feel the bass and not just hear it! The heavy industrial strength textured basket frame provides strength and durability while an exotic pulp treated semi-pressed cone and oversized large roll surround are utilized for extreme excursion capabilities on the latest STROKER subwoofers. The STROKER series comes in a 2-ohm and 4-ohm version and are available as in 10-inch 12-inch and 15-inch sizes. For extreme bass response and high SPL output the STROKER series subwoofers will bring it! STROKER * Black Ribbed Design Pattern on Treated Semi-Pressed Cone * Heavy Industrial Strength Textured Basket Frame * Elevated Motor Structure Cooling Design * Oversized Polished Black Chrome Finished Terminals * Klippel DA Optimized Motor and Su

    • UPC: 847169019760
    • ASIN: B00K01ZFP4
    • Brand: Cerwin-Vega
    • Manufacturer: Cerwin Vega

  • CERWIN VEGA VPRO152D Pro 1800 Watts Max 15-Inch Dual Voice Coil 2 Ohms/900 Watts Power Handling

    This VEGA PRO series exceptional 15-inch size woofer offers value and performance there is nothing close to! VEGA PRO * Proprietary Stamped Cast Basket Design * Optimized High Power Double-Stacked Motor Structure * Vented Pole Piece and Voice Coil Gap for Maximum Cooling * Proprietary Horizontal Mounted Terminal with Integrated Impedance Selector * High Power Stitched Tensile Leads Embedded in Double Progressive Spiders * Black Santoprene Double Stitched Surround for Ultimate Reliability * Power Handling: 900W / 1800W. * Sensitivity (dB @ 1W 1M): 87.4dB. * Mounting Diameter: 13.62" (346mm). * Mounting Depth: 7.36" (186mm). * Sealed Enclosure Volume: 2.5 ft3 70.79 litres. * Vented Enclosure Volume: 3.0 ft3 84.95 litres. * Vent Dimensions: 2.5" x 16.5" x 23"/63.5mm x 419.1mm x 584.2mm.

    • UPC: 847169019661
    • ASIN: B00L2SR1PQ
    • Brand: Cerwin-Vega
    • Manufacturer: Cerwin Vega

  • CERWIN VEGA V154D 1100 Watts Max 4 Ohms/550 Watts Power Handling 15-Inch Dual Voice Coil

    This VEGA series subwoofer is a 15-inch size so no matter how big or small of a space you have to work with VEGA series has got you covered! A brand new integrated impedance selector feature has been added to VEGA series subwoofers on to keep system wiring simple! The signature red santoprene surround now incorporates matching red double stitching to complete the finish of the latest rendition of the new VEGA series subwoofers. VEGA * Proprietary Stamped Cast Vega Basket Design * Optimized High Power Single-Stacked Motor Structure * Parabolic One Piece Stamped Carbon Fiber Polypropylene Cone * Double Stitched Vega Red Santoprene Surround * Proprietary Horizontal Mounted Spring Loaded Terminals * High Power Integrated Impedance Selector * Vega Concealed Mounting Gasket * Power Handling

    • UPC: 847169019616
    • Brand: Cerwin-Vega
    • Manufacturer: Cerwin Vega

  • Planet Audio AC15D Car Subwoofer - 2100 Watts Maximum Power, 15 Inch, Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil, Easy Mounting, Sold Individually

    Planet Audio Anarchy subwoofer series are designed to please the audiophile in each of us. Available in 8”, 10” and 12”, these dual 4 Ω subwoofers produce clean, and powerful bass without breaking the bank.

    • UPC: 636210105848
    • ASIN: B01F974QIU
    • Brand: BOSS Audio Systems
    • Size: 15 INCH
    • Manufacturer: Planet Audio

  • Kicker L715 Q-Class 15-Inch (38cm) Square Subwoofer, Dual Voice Coil 4-Ohm

    Kicker L715 15-Inch (38cm) Square Subwoofer, Dual Voice Coil 4-OhmTHE NEW L7 The KICKER L7 Subwoofer again reaches new heights in technology and design, capturing the imaginations of 2015 CES Innovation Award judges and solidifying itself as the crown jewel among industry subwoofers. For more than a decade, KICKER's square woofer earned numerous awards including several CES accolades. MORE AIR MOVEMENT The L7 stands alone as the most unique subwoofer on the market, with a cone shape that is exclusively designed to produce more output. The ultra-rigid, injection-molded square cone was a KICKER first, and now it's stiffer than ever as the patented ribbed corners completely dictate cone motion. Simply put, the square cone represents more surface area than a similarly sized round cone, pu

    • UPC: 713034069805
    • ASIN: B01A7Z7FSW
    • Size: 15 Inch

  • Kicker CVR154 (43CVR154) CompVR 15-Inch (38cm) Subwoofer, Dual Voice Coil, 4-Ohm, 500W

    Kicker CVR154 (43CVR154) CompVR 15-Inch (38cm) Subwoofer, Dual Voice Coil, 4-Ohm, 500W

    • UPC: 713034076476
    • ASIN: B01BDCBH32
    • Brand: KICKER
    • Size: 15 Inch
    • Manufacturer: Kicker

  • Kicker L7S152 L7S 15" Subwoofer Dual Voice Coil 2-Ohm 1000W

    Square Matters The heavy-duty motor structure includes a large-diameter spider for less flex, longer life and superior accuracy. High-temp voice coil wire winding completes a powerful Comp motor that makes the most of every watt you give it. Features: Kicker L7S152 15" 2000 Watt Solobaric L7S Car Subwoofer Solo-Baric 44L7S15-4  Dual Two-Ohm Voice Coils Injection-Molded Polypropylene Cone Patented Corner Ribs Minimize Distortion SoloKon 360-Degree Back Bracing Ribbed Santoprene Surround With Blue Surround Stitching UniPlate Back Plate And Pole Piece, Plus Perimeter Venting For Excellent Thermal Management Thick Tinsel Leads Large Ceramic Magnet Cast Aluminum Basket Satin-Nickel Plated, Spring-Loaded Speaker Terminals The Solo-Baric L7S 15-Inch Subwoofer works best with a sealed or p

    • UPC: 713034081159
    • ASIN: B01MT7I5DN
    • Brand: KICKER
    • Size: 15 Inch
    • Manufacturer: Kicker

  • Earthquake Sound DBXi-15D 15-inch Subwoofer with Dual 4-ohm Voice Coil, 2000 Watts

    The Earthquake Sound DBXi Series subwoofers, with their signature super wide edge , multi-layered, pressed and laminated-foam surround stands 1.25" high, allowing the cone to move well over 2" without any deformation. A progressive double spider design allows for long excursion with perfect linear motion, preventing the voice coil from rubbing. The tensile leads are stitched into the spider to eliminate the chance of flopping against the spider or cone during the extreme movement. While packing in all this power, Earthquake has not overlooked the importance of efficiency. A hot-forged single piece T-YOKE permits a clear flow of magnetic flux which increases the efficiency of the driver; a turbo forced-air cooling system keeps the four-wound high temperature bobbin voice coil running c

    • UPC: 689759101178
    • Brand: Earthquake Sound
    • Size: 15-inch
    • Manufacturer: Earthquake Sound

  • Car Vehicle Subwoofer Audio Speaker - 15inch Non-Pressed Paper Cone, Black Steel Basket, Dual Voice Coil 4 Ohm Impedance, 2000 Watt Power, Foam Surround for Vehicle Stereo Sound System - Pyle PLPW15D

    Pyle Power speakers pack a huge punch! The PLPW15D is a 15-Inch booming 2000 watt subwoofer designed with the bass lover in mind. This subwoofer will make your music growl in your vehicle or at home, in any type of enclosure: sealed, vented, or open-air. The black steel basket and non-press paper cone look sleek - and thanks to a 95 oz. magnet, 2.5-Inch four-layer dual voice coil, and specially treated foam surround, it sounds great too. Connect to your amplifier using the spring loaded, push-down speaker terminals and feel the Pyle Power.

    • UPC: 068889019537
    • ASIN: B0071HY3T4
    • Brand: Pyle
    • Size: 2000 Watt
    • Manufacturer: Sound Around