TOP 10 15 Amp 120v Power Conditioner deals

  • Tripp Lite 1800W Line Conditioner, AVR Surge Protection, 120V, 15A, 60Hz, 6 Outlet, 6 ft. Cord, 2 Year Warranty & $25,000 Insurance (LC1800)

    "The LC1800 1800W 120V power conditioner adjusts under- and overvoltage to provide safe, computer-grade AC power that meets ANSI C84.1 specifications. Built-in automatic voltage regulation (AVR) offers three levels of voltage stabilization that correct undervoltages as low as 89V and overvoltage as high as 147V back to regulated 120V nominal power. Providing optimum Voltage conditions not only extends the life of your equipment, but also keeps also keeps your equipment working through brownouts and prolonged overvoltage conditions.a network-grade 1440-joule surge suppression rating exceeds the ieee-587 standard for surge suppression (both categories a and B) and prevents even the strongest spikes from inflicting damage, data loss or corruption and audio/video performance problems on y

    • UPC: 601000772265
    • ASIN: B0000514G8
    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • Size: 1800W
    • Manufacturer: Tripp Lite

  • Baomain GPL-15-1 Window Air Conditioner LCDI Power Cord 5-15P Plug 120 VAC 15 Amp 1800 Watt 60Hz UL listed

    LCDI can cut the load circuit timely, make the leakage current in the cut-circuit will not beyong 5mA; When the leakage fault between shield wire and L-wire or N-wire happened, LCDI can cut the circuit before 8.5 cycles disengaging in 0.5 second. manily using in Window Air-conditioner.

    • UPC: 700604667660
    • ASIN: B00OHTDIN6
    • Brand: Baomain
    • Manufacturer: GP INC

  • Furman M-8X2 Merit Series 8 Outlet Power Conditioner and Surge Protector

    AC noise filtering reduces RFI/EMI

    • UPC: 368298577476
    • ASIN: B003BQ91Y6
    • Brand: Furman
    • Manufacturer: Furman

  • Tripp Lite 600W 120V Power Conditioner, Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), AC Surge Protection, 6 Outlets (LS606M)

    Line Conditioner/AVR System/Auto Voltage Regulator/AC Surge Suppressor Voltage regulating surge suppressor extends the useful life of your connected equipment by providing optimum voltage conditions. Boasts two levels of voltage stabilization in response to over-voltages and brownouts. Consistently maintains regulated 120V nominal output over an input range of 89 to 147V. Handles a wide range of loads with its 600-watt/5-amp capacity. Unit features 6 NEMA 5-15R outlets and a 6- ft. AC power cord. Three diagnostic LEDs vividly display boost, trim, and normal operation.

    • UPC: 163120850631
    • ASIN: B00006B83G
    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • Manufacturer: Tripp Lite

  • Furman P-1800 AR Advanced Level Voltage Regularor/Power Conditioner, 15 Amp, Regulates 97-137 Volt Input Range to 120 Volt Output

    The 15 Amp P-1800 AR delivers a stable 120 volts of AC power to protect equipment from problems caused by AC line voltage irregularities such as sags, brownouts, or over voltages - all of which can cause sensitive electronic equipment to malfunction or sustain damage. The P-1800 AR accepts input voltages over a wide AC voltage range and transforms it to a constant output of 120V, +/- 5V. Voltages beyond that range may also be converted to usable levels, depending on the range variance. Additionally, the P-1800 AR is a full-featured power conditioner that filters and purifies AC power, reducing line noise and ensuring optimum performance. Not only will your equipment perform better with Furman's Linear Filtering Technology (Lift), but it will also be fully protected by our exclusive Se

    • UPC: 654061028130
    • ASIN: B001UNPCCM
    • Brand: Furman
    • Manufacturer: Furman Pro

  • Furman AC-215A Compact Power Conditioner with Auto-Resetting Voltage Protection - Black

    The AC-215A is specifically designed for today's diverse power purification applications. This compact unit can be mounted behind a projector; LCD or plasma screen; inside of a rack; on a wall or a ceiling; or any other location where discrete power conditioning is needed. Its compact, streamlined design integrates easily into any system, and the included brackets allow you to mount it inconspicuously.

    • UPC: 654061028246
    • ASIN: B003PJ6NPO
    • Brand: Furman
    • Manufacturer: Furman Pro

  • Wemo Insight Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring, WiFi Enabled, Control Your Devices and Manage Energy Costs From Anywhere, Works with Alexa and the Google Assistant

    Did you forget to turn off the curling iron? Are the kids still watching TV? Is the Dog sitting in total darkness because you’re running late? The WeMo Insight switch gives you control of your lamps and small appliances whenever you want, wherever you choose, and gives you on-demand reports about energy consumption and costs. Paired with Amazon alexa, you can control your home with the power of your voice. No Central hub or subscription is required. Also has an on/off switch on the unit, in case the Wi-Fi goes down. Compatible with Apple iOS 8 or Higher and Android 4.1 or Higher. Electrical rating 120V/15A/60Hz/1800W. 24-Hr WeMo Support is available at 1-844-745-WEMO.

    • UPC: 745883718184
    • Brand: WeMo
    • Manufacturer: WeMo

  • CyberPower CPS1215RMS Surge Protector, 120V/15A, 12 Outlets, 15ft Power Cord, 1U Rackmount

    Engineered for the most demanding applications, the professional-grade Rackbar CPS1215RMS safeguards systems and networking equipment by absorbing spikes in energy caused by storms and electrical power surges. Designed for network environments, the CPS1215RMS also performs superbly for home office use, providing 1800 joules of protection, 15-Amp electrical capacity with circuit breaker, and 12 surge-protected outlets (6 front, 6 rear). Industrial-grade metal housing keeps this Rackbar performing flawlessly. The CPS1215RMS has a 1U racksize and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Features of the CPS1215RMS include an EMI/RFI noise filter, industrial-grade metal housing, AC power cord (15 ft.). The CPS1215RMS also comes with a three-year limited warranty.

    • UPC: 999992593259
    • ASIN: B00077INZU
    • Brand: CyberPower
    • Manufacturer: Cyber Power

  • 8 Outlet Horizontal 1U Rack Mount PDU Power Strip for Network Server Racks - Surge Protection - 120V/15A - w/ 6ft Power Cord (RKPW081915)

    The Horizontal Rack Mount PDU delivers a cost-effective power distribution solution for your server rack or cabinet with 8-outlet (120V/15A).Hassle-Free Equipment InstallationThe 1U switched PDU strip can be mounted horizontally in any server rack 4 inches deep or greater, to supply eight 120V/15A power ports/outlets, and features a rugged steel casing to ensure maximum durability.Protects Your EquipmentThe front of the surge protector features two LEDs to indicate proper ground and surge detection while enabling you to control the power state with an illuminated power/reset switch. To prevent costly breakdowns of connected devices, the rackmount PDU features a built-in circuit breaker and reset switch, ensuring dependable performance of vital data center equipment.This unit is backed

    • UPC: 014445542339
    • ASIN: B0035PS5AE
    • Brand: StarTech
    • Size: 8 Outlets
    • Manufacturer: STARTECH.COM

  • ELEGRP G1215PA Auto Reset GFCI Replacement Plug Assembly 15 Amp 3 Wires 3-Prongs NEMA 5-15P Grounding for Power Pressure Washer, Pool Pump and More, UL Listed (1 Pack, Black)

    ELEGRP G1215PA Auto Reset GFCI Replacement Plug Assembly 15 Amp 3 Wires 3-Prongs NEMA 5-15P Grounding for Power Pressure Washer, Pool Pump and More, UL Listed (1 Pack, Black)

    • ASIN: B07P3J9HGY
    • Brand: ELEGRP
    • Size: Standard
    • Manufacturer: ELE GROUP