TOP 10 15 Amp 1 Pole Type deals

  • Eaton CHFCAF115PN Plug-In Mount Type CH Combination Arc Fault Circuit Breaker 1-Pole 15 Amp 120 Volt AC Fire-Guard

    Eaton CHFCAF115PN Plug-In Mount Type CH Combination Arc Fault Circuit Breaker 1-Pole 15 Amp 120 Volt AC Fire-Guard®

    • UPC: 786685546193
    • ASIN: B00JV3EM7E
    • Brand: Eaton
    • Manufacturer: Eaton

  • Eaton Cutler Hammer 15 Amp Single Pole Dual Function Arc Fault/Ground Fault Breaker


    • UPC: 786670007814
    • ASIN: B01B801DUG
    • Size: Pack of 1
    • Manufacturer: EATON

  • Connecticut Electric UBITB-A115R New Challenger MH115-R Type-A Replacement. One Pole 15 Amp Right Clip Circuit Breaker Manufactured

    Connecticut Electric manufactures new high quality replacement circuit breakers for Challenger load centers that accept Challenger Type A style circuit breakers. Circuit breakers should only be replaced with new testd and Safety Agency Listed circuit breakers, never used or refurbished ones.

    • UPC: 094925018929
    • ASIN: B000VYHW6A
    • Brand: Connecticut Electric
    • Size: 15 Amp
    • Manufacturer: Connecticut Electric

  • Siemens QA115AFC 15-Amp Single Pole 120-volt Plug-On Combination AFCI Breaker

    The Combination Type AFCI differs from the Branch/Feeder AFCI in its ability to detect series arcing faults. The Branch/Feeder AFCI can only detect line-to-neutral and line-to-ground arcing faults. Combination AFCIs provide protection against the high-energy parallel (line-to-neutral and line-to-ground) arcing and low-energy series arcing. "Combination" does NOT mean an AFCI + GFCI. Combination = parallel + series arcing. Combination AFCIs protect downstream branch circuit wiring, cord sets, and power supply cords. Siemens Combination Type AFCI trip indicators provide a valuable analysis tool to help electricians pinpoint the type of trip. These indicators are in the form of LEDs that appear near the handle of the breaker. The LED indications will appear for 5 seconds each time the AF

    • UPC: 784497742055
    • ASIN: B00J8BVJ9I
    • Brand: SIEMENS
    • Size: 15 Amp
    • Manufacturer: Siemens

  • Eaton Corporation BRCAF120 Single Pole Type Br 1 Combo Arc Fault Circuit Breaker, 20-Amp

    Eaton Corporation BRCAF120 Single Pole Type Br 1 Combo Arc Fault Circuit Breaker, 20-Amp

    • UPC: 786685160276
    • ASIN: B0080JWJX4
    • Size: 20 Amp
    • Manufacturer: EATON CORPORATION

  • Eaton CHFGF115CS 15-Amp CH Type Breaker Single Pole Ground Fault Circuit Breaker

    The Eaton Cutler-Hammer type CH Ground Fault Circuit Breaker provides protection against the hazards of electrical shock in wet areas. The GFCI is designed for use in any application near water, such as kitchen countertops, bathrooms, swimming pools, hot tubs and outdoor receptacles. The circuit breaker is compatible for use in type CH load centers and has a maximum load of 240-Volt. Trip indication via mechanical flag Provides protection from electrical shock in wet areas Learn More About Circuit Breakers Here in our Buying Guide. Use around bathrooms, kitchens, pools and hot tubs 5 mA ground fault protection Voltage (volts): 240 Mounting type: Plug In Maximum Amperage (amps): 15 Number of Poles: 1 Power Distribution Features: No Additional Features Pack Size: 1 Breaker Type: Single

    • UPC: 735090833602
    • ASIN: B00F3IY8RU
    • Brand: Eaton
    • Manufacturer: Eaton

  • Siemens QF115A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, 15 Amp, 1 Pole, 120V, 10,000 AIC

    Testing GFCIs and afcis on a monthly basis is a good idea that is sometimes forgotten. Underwriters laboratories (UL) suggests that afci/GFCI Devices be tested every 30 days after installation to ensure they are properly working. Now the new self test & lockout feature enables the dual function circuit breaker to automatically and continuously test itself to ensure that it is working properly. If it is detected that the device has been compromised, the device trips itself and locks out the homeowner from resetting the device, reducing the possibility of the homeowner incorrectly assuming that the device was tripped to prevent a ground/arc fault. This effortless system guarantees that only the best protection is given to your home at all times.

    • UPC: 887621216511
    • Brand: SIEMENS
    • Manufacturer: Siemens

  • Square D by Schneider Electric HOMT1515230CP Homeline 2-15-Amp Single-Pole 1-30-Amp Two-Pole Quad Circuit Breaker

    The Square D by Schneider Electric Homeline Quad-Pole Tandem Circuit Breaker consists of (2) single-pole, 15 Amp and (1) double-pole, 30 Amp breakers. Requiring only 2 pole spaces, it is used for overload and short-circuit protection of your electrical system. This breaker is compatible with Homeline load centers and CSED devices.  The ANSI-certified and UL-listed unit is rated for 120/240 VAC and 10,000 AIR. Homeline circuit breakers are built with the same Square D brand quality you have come to expect at a price that makes them the best value in their class. Homeline circuit breakers are the best in class. Designed exclusively for the residential market, Homeline products offer everything you need to distribute electricity throughout your home.

    • UPC: 047569072215
    • ASIN: B00DW46WMQ
    • Brand: Square D by Schneider Electric
    • Manufacturer: Square D by Schneider Electric

  • Kasa Smart Light Switch by TP-Link - Needs Neutral Wire, WiFi Light Switch, Works with Alexa & Google (HS200) White 1-Pack

    Control your lights, ceiling fans, and other fixtures from anywhere with the Kasa Smart Wi Fi Light Switch. The smart switch replaces any standard light switch, and connects to your home Wi Fi in no time through the free Kasa app. Kasa also lets you manage connected fixtures with your smartphone or tablet, including setting schedules, timers and countdowns. For added convenience, you can use your voice to control when paired with Amazon Alexa, Google assistant and Microsoft cortana. Protocols Supported: IEEE 802.11b/g/n; System Requirement: Android 4.1 or higher iOS 9.0 or higher; Wireless Type: 2.4GHz 1T1R

    • UPC: 845973096113
    • ASIN: B01EZV35QU
    • Brand: TP-Link
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: TP-LINK USA

  • Eaton BRN115AF Combo Arc Fault Circuit Breaker, Type BR 1, 15A - Quantity 1


    • UPC: 786689040888
    • ASIN: B07K8B2QHW
    • Manufacturer: Eaton Corporation