TOP 10 0.375 Ounce Tiger deals

  • Northland Tackle FB5-4-22 Fire-Ball Jig Bait, Fire Tiger, 3/8 oz

    Proven deadly on walleyes, saucers, Perch and other Predators. Short-shank Fire-Ball design produces a compact live bait presentation ideal for vertical jigging with a Minnow, leech or half a night crawler. Attach Stinger hook to trailer hitch at base of jig head to hook short strikers.

    • UPC: 084948672581
    • ASIN: B00960AVZY
    • Brand: Northland Tackle
    • Size: 3/8 oz
    • Manufacturer: Pro-Motion Distributing - Direct

  • Flash Bang Jigging Rattle Spoon - Fire Tiger - 3/8th oz with Glow Stick 3-Pack

    This 13 Fishing Flash Bang Jigging Rattle Spoon gives you an edge over other spoons on the market with its integrated rattle chamber and glowstik. The rattle chamber emits a high pitch that will attract gamefish from a distance, while the glow will attract fish for hours with no need to recharge. The Flash Bang Jigging Rattle Spoon is available in a variety of premium finishes and comes equipped with a premium black nickel hook. This will be your new weapon of choice in any water!

    • UPC: 817063026058
    • ASIN: B07879K975
    • Brand: 13 FISHING
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: 13 Fishing

  • Bomber Long A Fishing Lure, Bengal Fire Tiger, 3 1/2-Inch, 3/8-Ounce

    The Bomber Long A slender minnow jerk bait is a versatile lure that catches a variety of gamefish, and can be fished with a "twitch-twitch-pause" retrieve for bass, trolled for walleyes, salmon and others, and cast-and-retrieved at a slow, constant pace for trout and other species. The Long A even can be used behind downriggers to get at those really deep fish. Color patterns include new high-tech versions and proven looks that have been catching fish for years.

    • UPC: 032256016689
    • ASIN: B001GRY0RU
    • Brand: Bomber
    • Size: 3 1/2 in
    • Manufacturer: Pradco Outdoor Brands

  • Lucky Craft PT78-156TRK Pointer 78 MS Tiger-Rock, 3/8 oz

    Lucky Craft pointers are incredibly productive Baits that feature an extremely low center of gravity and special brass weights which cause the pointers to actually vibrate on the pause! absolutely deadly with any type of stop-and-go retrieve, pointers are widely considered to be Miracle Baits since they have the power to entice strikes from bass, musky, trout, and almost every other gamefish species.

    • UPC: 802897081564
    • ASIN: B0075D2GZC
    • Brand: Lucky Craft
    • Size: 3/8 oz
    • Manufacturer: Pro-Motion Distributing - Direct

  • Strike King Bleeding Spinnerbait - Colorado/Willow (Bleeding Fire Tiger, 0.375-Ounce)

    The Strike King BleedingBait Spinnerbait features premium components including premium stainless steel wire, bleeding red accent skirt, bleeding bait hook, one colorado blade and one willow blade. First Blade is silver colorado - Second Blade is Gold Willow

    • UPC: 051034167993
    • ASIN: B00144B2F8
    • Brand: Strike King
    • Size: 3/8 oz
    • Manufacturer: Strike King

  • Bay Rat Lures 20590 Short Deep 4.5" 3/8oz Short Deep, Blue Tiger, 3/8 oz

    The Bay Rat Lures short deep is an extremely versatile deep diving lure, making it a great choice for both casting and trolling. The Bay Rat Lures short deep is tested and proven; flat-lined on monofilament and braided lines, on lead core, and on wire. The Bay Rat Lures short deep can cast or trolled at nearly any speed to entice a wide variety of both fresh and saltwater species.

    • UPC: 812210020590
    • ASIN: B072HMPRS5
    • Brand: Bay Rat Lures
    • Size: 3/8 oz
    • Manufacturer: Pro-Motion Distributing - Direct

  • Yellow Bird Original Doctor Spoon - 3/8 oz, 2-1/2" - Fishing Lure In Fire Tiger

    • UPC: 039906180714
    • ASIN: B00AU5VUEK
    • Brand: The Yellow Bird
    • Size: 2-1/2" 3/8 oz
    • Manufacturer: Yellowbird

  • Strike King Premier Plus Spinnerbaits - Colorado/Willow (Fire Tiger, 0.375-Ounce)

    The Strike King Premier Plus Spinnerbait features premium components. Includes 24K gold and/or nickel plated colorado/willow blades, Sabre Point trailer hook pre-rigged, Spin Eze ball bearing swivel. We use our flex bend spring tempered stainless steel wire, exclusive Perfect Skirt with Magic Tails, and hand sculpted head with holographic 3D eyes. Features a colorado/willow blade, first silver then gold.

    • UPC: 051034174328
    • ASIN: B003GMGWRE
    • Brand: Strike King
    • Size: 0.375-Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Strike King

  • Northland Tackle BRFS5-26 Buck-Shot Flutter Spoon 1/Cd Buck-Shot Flutter Spoon, UV Pink Tiger, 3/8 oz

    A standout for walleyes, Pike, trout, Perch and crappies, the Buck-Shot flutter Spoon's S-Curve design produces an erratic action, high-pitched sound waves and accentuated flutter when jigging and casting. Also effective quivered in place when wary Predators move in close. Tip with a variety of live and artificial Baits.

    • UPC: 084948736092
    • ASIN: B077KQGH8M
    • Brand: Northland Tackle
    • Size: 3/8 oz
    • Manufacturer: Pro-Motion Distributing - Direct

  • Gibbs-Delta Koho Spoons, Rainbow Tiger, 3/8-Ounce

    Constructed of heavy gauge brass, for casting accuracy and control, the KOHO is ideal for rivers, streams and lakes. Even in fast, deep water, the KOHO gets down to where the fish are. Designed with an enticing frantic motion at any retrieval speed, it's simply impossible for fish to resist.

    • UPC: 066243099515
    • ASIN: B00DUYN2CQ
    • Brand: Gibbs-Delta
    • Size: 3/8-Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Sports Service