TOP 10 Victorian Cottage Design deals

  • Victorian Cottage Residences (Dover Architecture)

    Andrew Jackson Downing (1815-52), the first great American landscape gardener, was one of the earliest and most influential popularizers of something new on the American scene — the small, inexpensive detached house. Into a countryside dotted with log cabins and occasional Greek Revival mansions, he introduced the tasteful, efficient cottage residence in all its variations, including Gothic, bra [read more]

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  • Late Victorian Houses and Cottages: Floor Plans and Illustrations for 40 House Designs

    This fascinating book was originally published in 1897 as a house plans catalog. It's filled with drawings, floor plans, and descriptions of 40 elegant Victorian houses and cottages. Each exterior is displayed in a full-page black-and-white drawing. Containing dimensions, exterior materials, interior finish, and more, this edition is faithfully reproduced from a rare edition. 120 illustrations. [read more]

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  • Authentic Victorian Villas and Cottages: Over 100 Designs with Elevations and Floor Plans (Dover Architecture)

    More than 100 magnificent home plans provide lovers of Victoriana the finest examples of period architecture. Compiled by Isaac Hobbs, a prominent Philadelphia architect of the period, the book also offers an informative discussion on the principles and practices of practical home design and construction.Designs and floor and ground plans for villas, cottages, and other residences are revealed in [read more]

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  • 7: Late Victorian House Designs: 56 American Homes and Cottages with Floor Plans

    Complete reprint of charming, turn-of-the-century collection includes stylish private homes ranging from a two-story cottage with a servant’s room costing $1,000, to a two-story house with five bedrooms and four fireplaces, priced at $3,300. Invaluable to house restorers, preservationists, and architectural historians. 165 black-and-white illustrations.

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  • Victorian Cottage Architecture: An American Catalog of Designs, 1891 (Dover Architecture)

    At the end of the nineteenth century, carpenter, architect, and publisher George Franklin Barber began publishing his residential designs in inexpensive, illustrated catalogs. Containing order forms and price lists for the drawings, the catalogs were not the first to sell private homes to the public on a widespread basis but were the first to give customers an opportunity to participate in custom- [read more]

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  • A Victorian Housebuilder's Guide: Woodward's National Architect of 1869 (Dover Architecture)

    Here are detailed drawings, floor plans, elevations, specifications, and vintage cost estimates for twenty distinctive Victorian structures, ranging from a humble cottage to an ornate brick villa. They have been reproduced from a rare 1869 publication of Woodward's National Architect, a publication directed to builders, carpenters, and masons of the Victorian era.Each of these highly individual an [read more]

    • Brand: George E Woodward
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  • American Victorian Cottage Homes

    Reprinted from a rare 1878 offering from a leading Northeastern architectural firm: front and side elevations, floor plans and descriptions of 50 "practical designs of low and medium priced houses," ranging from 2- to 11-room dwellings, most in the cottage style. With complete specifications for two, a sample contract, advertisements, and price estimates.

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  • Cottage Architecture of Victorian America

    Handsome collection reprinted from rare 1874 catalog. Floor plans, elevations, front views, more. 27 designs on 63 plates. Introductory text and specifications.

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  • The Wild Garden: Expanded Edition

    First published in 1870, The Wild Garden challenged the prevailing garden style of the day and advocated a naturalistic style, in which hardy plants, both native and exotic, are arranged in groupings that mimic wild landscapes. Thanks to Robinson’s passionate advocacy, the naturalistic style triumphed, and Robinson's urgent message continues to resonate today. For this newly designed edition, [read more]

    • Brand: William Robinson
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  • Turn-of-the-Century Houses, Cottages and Villas: Floor Plans and Line Illustrations for 118 Homes from Shoppell's Catalogs

    A rich reliable record of floor plans and line illustrations for 118 houses, cottages and villas — from the late Victorian era (ca. 1880-1900) — is reprinted directly from the pages of Shoppell's Catalogs, comprising an authentic and revealing source of late Victorian American architecture. Approximately 300 drawings.

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