TOP 10 Pro Tools Tdm Plug deals

  • Waves Renaissance Maxx 5 Plug In Bundle (Pro Tools TDM)

    In the world of digital recording, rich, warm sound is the holy grail. Renaissance Maxx delivers the warmth of vintage gear with the precision control of the digital domain. This is the classic Waves sound-heard on countless hit records and major motion pictures worldwide.Renaissance AxxRenaissance BassRenaissance ChannelRenaissance CompressorRenaissance DeEsserRenaissance EqualizerRenaissance Rev [read more]

    • Brand: Waves
    • ASIN: B0007X8VY2
    • UPC: 702781802582

  • Waves V Series Audio Plug In Bundle (Pro Tools TDM)

    The 2254. The 1066. The 1073. The 1081. To most people, those are just numbers. To audio professionals, they are hardware legends. Presenting Waves V-Series: Three state-of-the-art Vintage models that capture the sound of the consoles found in the world s most exclusive recording studios. The big budget sound at your fingertips. V-CompUsing a fixed nominal output gain and time constants, the V-Com [read more]

    • Brand: Waves
    • ASIN: B003Y5A67U

  • Eventide Bundle of 15 Plug-ins for Pro Tools TDM

    Comprised of the best Eventide effects from thirty-five years of crafting effects used on the top recording and post-production projects, Anthology II includes the entire Anthology bundle, plus six new essential production tools to round out the collection, forming the most complete Eventide bundle ever. EQ65 Filter Set faithfully recreates the sound and function of the vintage analog filter set, [read more]

    • Brand: Eventide
    • ASIN: B000MSA7BW
    • UPC: 840694001026

  • TC Electronic Tube-Tech CL 1B Component Modeled Version of the Legendary CL-1B Tube Compressor for Pro Tools

    The CL 1B plug-in is based upon highly advanced component emulation technology, and brings the legendary analog sound of the CL 1B compressor/limiter to the Pro Tools platform.

    • Brand: TC Electronic
    • ASIN: B00263JD1Q

  • Focusrite Forte Suite Channel Strip Plug-in for Pro Tools TDM/RTAS

    The Focusrite Forte Suite is a complete suite of EQ and Dynamics plug-ins based on the legendary Focusrite Forte Console. This channel strip plug-in utilizes virtual vintage modules. Forte Suite brings Focusrite's sonic signature to Pro Tools through sophisticated modeling of the ISA 110 EQ and the ISA 130 dynamics processors (including compressor, de-esser, and noise gate), the key modules from t [read more]

    • Brand: Focusrite
    • ASIN: B001O9B8G6
    • UPC: 815301010012

  • Digidesign Avid Pro Tools 8 TDM Software (Electronic Delivery)

    Avid Pro Tools Professional Audio Recording Software has been used for years on the industries best selling tracks and is now packed with even more features and plugins for professional quality mixing and recording at your fingertips. Featuring easy to use interfaces, a host of plug ins and virtual instruments, impressive MIDI and scoring features, deeper controller integration and so much more- A [read more]

    • Brand: Avid
    • ASIN: B00DERIJ9A
    • UPC: 948193827458

  • Waves 360 Surround Tools Plug In Bundle (Pro Tools TDM)

    When sound engineers for major motion pictures need a comprehensive set of processors for mixing 5.1 Surround sound, they turn to Waves 360 Surround Tools. Conceived and created especially for Surround production, 360 Surround Tools includes compression, limiting, reverb, spatial enhancement, and much more. For the creation of sophisticated, accurate Surround mixes for today s multi-channel listen [read more]

    • Brand: Waves
    • ASIN: B003Y586PO

  • Waves Gold TDM Plug In Bundle 5.0 (Pro Tools TDM)

    Waves Gold Bundle is simply everything you need, with essential daily tools, sweetening and mastering processors, and sound design mindbenders. From the original Q10 and L1, to the Renaissance series, to Enigma and MondoMod. Don't skimp. Go for the Waves Gold, on the way to your Gold record. The masters of the industry depend on the Gold bundle. Roger Nichols says, "If you don't have the Waves Go [read more]

    • Brand: Waves
    • ASIN: B0007WJXRM
    • UPC: 702781802179

  • TC Electronic DVR2 Digital Vintage Reverb Including Presets from System 6000 for Pro Tools

    Adapted from its predecessor, DVR2 is the most precise EMT250 emulation available in today's market DVR2 comes with customizable presets, focus fields for tweaking and navigation, and a built-in preset converter allowing seamless import of DVR2 presets from System 6000.

    • Brand: TC Electronic
    • ASIN: B00263JD0M

  • TC Electronic NonLin 2 Stereo Effects Reverb From System 6000 for Pro Tools

    NonLin2 generates compact vocal ambience, percussive and dramatic drum sounds, reverse reverbs and completely new “twisted” effects. Features an amplitude envelope capable of radically altering the sound of your mix.

    • Brand: TC Electronic
    • ASIN: B00263JD0C