TOP 10 Porcelain Fish Bowl Planter deals

  • Oriental Furniture 16" Ladies Blue & White Porcelain Fishbowl

    Fine Chinese porcelain jardiniFre, originally used to display lucky gold fish and koi in Ming dynasty era China. Elegant decorative planter for displaying trees or plants either on a five leg oriental fishbowl stand or sitting right on the floor. Unique Asian design accent at an affordable price.

    • ASIN: B00A6VSYK6
    • UPC: 849527002902

  • Oriental Furniture 12" Ladies Blue & White Porcelain Fishbowl

    Traditional oriental style jardinière planter pot in classic Chinese vitreous porcelain ceramic fishbowl design. Lovely high shouldered flat lip bowl can be beautiful displayed either on a five leg fishbowl stand or sitting right on the floor. Perfect for both formal and casual American and European décor.

    • Color: Blue and White
    • ASIN: B00A6VSY1U
    • UPC: 849527002728

  • J-Beauty Asian Chinese Traditional Ceramic Planter Porcelain Hand-painted Fishbowl (16.5" Dia)

    Best choice for living room,office,exhibition etc.. 7-15 days delivered by UPS or Fedex.

    • Brand: j-beauty
    • ASIN: B0744BHLST

  • Oriental Furniture 14" Ladies Blue & White Porcelain Fishbowl

    Authentic oriental design decorative fishbowl like those used in palaces and temples to display lucky gold fish in Ming dynasty era China. Fine high shouldered wide lip bowl can be displayed on a five leg oriental fishbowl stand or sitting right on the floor. Classic formal 19th century style American and European decor, as well as a modern casual, eclectic home décor accent.

    • Color: Blue
    • ASIN: B00A6VSYBK
    • UPC: 849527002810

  • China Furniture Online Porcelain Fishbowl Planter, 12 inch Koi Design

    The noble families of ancient China used large bowls such as ours to protect their pond carps from the freezing cold of winter. Used today as a cachepot, it gives a large plant a highly decorative place to put down roots. Completely hand painted and detailed in gold against light blue background by artists from China. Top opening diameter is approximately 9.5" dia. Stand sold separately, Part No. [read more]

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: ChinaFurnitureOnline
    • ASIN: B06XC7V6DN

  • Oriental Furniture 14" Floral Blue & White Porcelain Fishbowl

    This pattern is a classic "Chinese export" floral design which became popular in Europe and America during the 19th century. Oriental fishbowls were first used in Ming era China and Japan to display gold fish, Koi, and carp, in palaces and the homes of aristocrats. Great for live plants and smaller indoor trees or flower arrangements.

    • Color: Blue and White
    • ASIN: B004EKF0GG
    • UPC: 798837985002

  • 10" Porcelain Celedon Fish Bowl Planter

    Available in eight sizes, this attractive Chinese Celadon porcelain fish bowl is meticulously hand finished in a Celadon crackle glaze. Did you know these porcelain fish bowls can be used as a base for a table top? Nowadays the Celadon fish bowls are used by interior decorators for planters or glass top table base.* Perfect for indoor and outdoor use* Made from fine Chinese porcelain, fire glazed [read more]

    • Color: Celadon.
    • Brand: Oriental Furnishings
    • ASIN: B005639PCA

  • Oriental Furniture 14" Celadon Porcelain Fishbowl

    A beautiful Asian style fishbowl, finished in a traditional high gloss pale jade celadon glaze. Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Thai artisans have finished ceramics in an almost infinite variety of celadon glazes since the eleventh century. Soothing celadon color suits traditional, eclectic, and modern interior decor.

    • Color: Celadon
    • ASIN: B008COXXPU
    • UPC: 849527002841

  • Asian Style Decorative Accessories - 16" Ming Lacquer Porcelain Jardini�re Fishbowl Planter - Black w/ Flowers & Birds

    This lovely fishbowl features an exquisite, hand carved mother of pearl floral design with a stunning black lacquer finish. It measures 16" in diameter and 10.5" in diameter at the base. The inside is finished in a matte black lacquer with a green and pink floral design.

    • Color: Flowers & Birds
    • ASIN: B000V8DBWA
    • UPC: 849527024287

  • Oriental Furniture 14" Landscape Blue & White Porcelain Fishbowl

    A pleasant oriental landscape design with mountain pagoda accents. Glazed in fine Ming blue and white, the 14 inch diameter fishbowl is a popular size, great for displaying small indoor trees, potted plants, as well as dry or silk plants. No drainage hole, so live plants must be removed for watering. Note that the outside lip of the bowl is 14" in diameter; the opening and the base are smaller. Qu [read more]

    • Color: Blue
    • ASIN: B004EKIZEK
    • UPC: 849527002827