TOP 10 Moth Traps Pack deals

  • Springstar S1524 Jumbo Clothes Moth Trap Pack of 4

    Springstar Cloth Moth Trap. The trap catches webbing clothes moths during their mating season by using a natural pheromone lur. The Clothes Moth Trap attracts and captures adult male webbing clothes moths. This trap signals when a damaging infestation is present, it does not control larvae which feed on clothing. Clothes Moths occasionally occur in homes where the larvae damage clothing and other [read more]

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Springstar
    • ASIN: B014H93OJ8
    • UPC: 752587015242

  • Dr. Killigan's Premium Pantry Moth Traps With Pheromone Attractant | Safe, Non-Toxic with No Insecticides | Pro Pack (20, Black Traps)

    The Costliest Mistake You Can Make Regarding Pantry Moths: Ignore Them. Pantry moths are genuine pests, often carriers of harmful bacteria. They are smuggled into your home inside trusted food items purchased from common grocery stores. Your food is their home (where they do the unimaginable) until they chew their way out and find another food source to contaminate. TRUTH: You can't just thow out [read more]

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Dr. Killigan's
    • ASIN: B075R5JSL2
    • UPC: 638632256474

  • TERRO T2900 Pantry Moth Traps - 2 Pack

    Keep grain-loving pests out of your pantry with TERRO’s safe, non-toxic pantry moth traps. These include the Indian Meal Moth, Tobacco Moth, Almond Moth, Mediterranean Moth and the Raisin Moth. The moth traps contain a powerful pheromone lure that attracts moths to the trap’s sticky surface where they get stuck and die. Each TERRO Pantry Moth Trap package includes two glue traps and two indivi [read more]

    • Color: N/A
    • Brand: Terro
    • ASIN: B004I41ER2
    • UPC: 732233481393

  • Pro-Pest Pantry Moth Traps - 6 Ready to Use Pre-baited Traps

    The pheromones in Pro-Pest Pantry Traps will attract Indian Meal Moth, Almond, Raisin, Tobacco, and Mediterranean Flour Moths and Cigarette Beetles. Each package contains 6 traps. Take traps out of the plastic sleeve, fold trap into a triangular trap. Since pheromones are pre-loaded in the glue, it is ready to use! These pantry moth traps are easy to use, non-toxic, and extremely effective. The mo [read more]

    • Brand: Pro-Pest
    • ASIN: B00UZAVYR8
    • UPC: 687275411139

  • Catchmaster Moth and Pantry Pest Trap: Two Packs of Two

    Catchmaster 812SD Moth and Pantry Pest Trap!! Household pests are more than just an unsightly nuisance; they can be major vectors of bacteria and viruses, not to mention the fact that they can destroy your foodstuffs when they enter your kitchen and pantry. With your health and safety in mind, Catchmaster brings you these super-effective, naturally activated moth traps that eradicate Indian meal [read more]

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: Catchmaster
    • UPC: 656103001149

  • kilocircle 100 items cedar valuable pack with red aromatic cedar blocks/hang ups-nature moth repellent for closet-storage accessories

    About KilocircleWe strives to provide our customers with most cost-effective fancy products from all over the world with the highest standard of customer service. Please let us know your demand. We are seeking any chance to satisfy you.

    • Color: Wooden
    • Brand: kilocircle
    • ASIN: B074QH2HPR
    • UPC: 767520483149

  • Q-Traps Pantry Moth Traps - Safe, Nontoxic, Insecticide & Odor Free, Pheromone Attractant Traps for Common Kitchen Moths - Pack of 6 traps

    Pantry protection for your clean, green home.Say goodbye to pesky Indian meal moths with these safe Pantry Moth Traps by Q-Traps. Our lures come in a convenient 6-pack, set up in seconds and are ready for action with built-in bait, delivering a perfectly potent dose of pheromones to attract, trap and control future infestation. All you do is fold out the cardboard trap and tuck it into tent format [read more]

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Q-Traps
    • ASIN: B071G2C65W
    • UPC: 714343984292

  • Catchmaster Moth And Pantry Pest Trap (3 packs of 2 traps)

    The Catch master Moth and Pantry Pest Trap now comes in a 3 Pack! The best value in pest control just got even better. Household pests are more than just an unsightly nuisance; they can be major vectors of bacteria and viruses, not to mention the fact that they can destroy your foodstuffs when they enter your kitchen and pantry. with your health and safety in mind, Catch master brings you these su [read more]

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: Catchmaster
    • ASIN: B0051OJS1W
    • UPC: 656103002245

  • ProPest Clothes Moth Trap 12 Packs (2 Traps per pack)

    ProPest Pheronet Clothes Moth Traps will lure and kill webbing cloth moths, the most common type of clothes moth. The traps can be placed onto shelves or hung using string or zip ties. Trap Size: 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 3/4" Active Life: 4-6 weeks

    • Brand: Pro-Pest
    • ASIN: B0073ZV4IW

  • MOTH CONTROL COMBO - Safer Brand 05140 The Pantry Pest Trap (2 pack of 2) & Single Moth Trap Made by Q-Traps

    Safer® Brand The Pantry Pest® Pantry Moth Trap Protect your pantry! You could be bringing pantry moths into your house without knowing it. This 2 pack of pantry moth traps (2 traps total in each pack) offers an economical and convenient natural pest control solution to moths flying around your pantry. Pantry moth control starts and ends with the Safer® Brand. The Safer® Brand The Pantry [read more]

    • Brand: Creative
    • ASIN: B073VRD152
    • UPC: 725880347105