TOP 10 Mommys Best Kisses deals

  • Mommy's Best Kisses

    Every mother knows that the sweetest way to say "I love you" is with a kiss. This loving book shows that animals know all about a mother's love, too.

    • Brand: Harper Festival
    • ASIN: 006124130X
    • UPC: 731598061240

  • Mommy's Best Kisses

    There are many ways to say I love you to a child, and now way is sweeter than with a kiss. Every mother knows small hands, a plump tummy, tiny fingers, and wiggling toes all beg to be kissed time and time again.Margaret Anastas's loving rhyme and Susan Winter's gentle illustrations of animal mamas and their adorable babies will make this a family favorite.

    • Brand: Anastas, Margaret/ Winter, Susan (ILT)
    • ASIN: 0066236010

  • Baby Love: Mommy Hugs; Daddy Hugs; Counting Kisses

    It’s all about baby love in this cuddly boxed set of Karen Katz board books!This adorable boxed set, filled with three bestselling board books from Karen Katz will have parents sharing even more hugs and kisses with their own little ones, one story at a time. A love-filled collection that includes Mommy Hugs, Daddy Hugs, and Counting Kisses, Baby Love is a heartfelt, must-have addition to every [read more]

    • Brand: Karen Katz
    • ASIN: 1481445774

  • Why a Daughter Needs a Dad: 100 Reasons

    A New York Times Bestseller! Show Dad your appreciation with this classic from New York Times bestselling author Greg Lang. Why A Daughter Needs a Dad has been bringing together fathers and daughters for over a decade, and makes the perfect gift for dads everywhere. To a daughter, no one is stronger or braver than her dad. He's someone to laugh with and a shoulder to cry on, and no matter what, th [read more]

    • Brand: Lang Gregory E
    • ASIN: 1402268025
    • UPC: 760789237188

  • Mother Mother I Want Another

    A delightful comedy of errors perfect, Mother, Mother, I Want Another has been heartwarmingly re-illustrated by acclaimed artist Jon Goodell!  Just as Mrs. Mouse kisses baby mouse goodnight, he cries, “Mother, Mother, I want another!” His concerned mama rushes off to invite other mothers—Mrs. Duck, Mrs. Frog, Mrs. Pig, and Mrs. Donkey—to help put her son to bed. But baby mouse doesn’t [read more]

    • Brand: Dragonfly Books
    • ASIN: 0517559471

  • A Kiss Goodnight

    It's almost time for bed, but Little Hare isn't sleepy! Luckily Mommy Hare knows just what her bouncy hare needs before he goes to bed. Enjoy this wonderfully cozy story—perfect for bedtime!

    • ASIN: 1684120411

  • ABC for Me: ABC Baby Signs: Learn baby sign language while you practice your ABCs!

    Just because your little one can't speak yet doesn't mean they can't communicate! ABC for Me: ABC Baby Signs features 26 of the most helpful signs.â??ABC Baby Signs is a charming third installment in Christiane Engel's illustrated ABC for Me series, following in the footsteps of ABC Yoga and ABC Love. One of the worst things for a parent is when their baby or toddler is distressed but can't com [read more]

    • ASIN: 1633223663

  • A Last Kiss for Mommy

    Bestselling author and foster carer Casey Watson tells the heartbreaking true story of a teenage mother and baby in need of a safe and loving home.At fourteen, Emma is just a child herself – and one who’s never been properly mothered. She has been in foster care several times already and when she discovered she was pregnant, and refused to have an abortion, her mother threw her out of the hous [read more]

    • Brand: Watson Casey
    • ASIN: 0008191786

  • Daddy's Little Girl: A Father / Daughter Gift Book for any Occasion including Fathers Day, Baby Showers or for Father of the Bride.

    A Perfect Gift: A heartwarming tale of a father's love and growing relationship with his daughter; the story follows Daddy's Little Girl from infancy to maturity. Beautifully illustrated by artist Carol Matsuyama this book makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

    • ASIN: 0981182305