TOP 10 Jade Star deals

  • Jade Star (Star Series)

    Vowing to save a young girl from her painful past, Saint Morris marries her out of duty. He thinks of himself as her protector and brother. But she has other ideas....

    • Brand: Signet
    • ASIN: 0451206126

  • Jade Star (Tanager) (Volume 1)

    So it begins... Jade is determined to die. She is old, and feels useless, when she points her tiny subspace craft at the cold stars. She wakes up in the care of others who refuse to grant her death, and instead give her a new mission in life complete with a new body. Jade isn't happy, and she only gets angrier when she learns that her mysterious new home hides a horrible secret. It's time for this [read more]

    • Brand: Sanderson Cedar
    • ASIN: 1536830089

  • 27 Stars: Discovering Your True Self With Asterian Astrology

    The 27 Signs of the Ancient Zodiac have returned. In time, you will forget the 12 signs existed. The Oldest book on Astrology ever written "The Yavanajataka" (the book that Alexander the Great brought to India) has been simplified for the public by author Dr.Michael Santangelo and Asterian Astrologer Jade Sol Luna. Which one of the 27 Stars are you?

    • Brand: Santangelo Michael
    • ASIN: 0615949304

  • Alpha Star: Big Sky Alien Mail Order Brides #1 (Intergalactic Dating Agency): Intergalactic Dating Agency

    He will be lord of his own solar system, but he can’t claim the homeworld until he takes a bride. He needs the right mate to win his mating rings, but choosing one female from among the neighboring systems while slighting the others could start an interstellar incident—and this ex-mercenary starship captain has finally had enough of war. Where in the universe can a runaway cyborg prince find a [read more]

    • ASIN: B01LXWGJB1

  • Julian (Hard Rock Star Series Book 3)

    I’m the lead guitarist in one of the most successful bands in the Miami scene named Molly Riot. Our label is trying to convince us to tour with Juniper Woolf, a rival band that’s fronted by an attention-seeking brat named Fran Chambers.When my band mates finally convinced me to sign off on the tour, I thought there was no way that I’d ever get along with Fran...that is, until I started spend [read more]

    • ASIN: B01GW89T46

  • Jaden Toussaint, the Greatest Episode 5: Mission Star-Power (Volume 5)

    Giant Afro. Even Bigger Brain.Jaden Toussaint is a five-year-old who knows it all. I mean, really knows it all. Animal Scientist. Great Debater. Master of the art of ninja dancing. There's nothing Jaden Toussaint can't do. This time our hero is on a quest--a star quest. JT wants to get a million likes so he can be a famous animal explorer who teaches kids stuff on tv (and possibly Broadway). Unf [read more]

    • ASIN: 1943169276

  • Bullet: The Complete Series: A Rock Star Romance Collection

    Find out why readers have dubbed Jade C. Jamison the "Queen of Rock Romance" with the complete Bullet series, described as "gritty," "raw," and "real." Realistic rock stars, real angst and heartache in this true-to-life glimpse of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.BULLET (Book 1) An Epic Rock Star Novel What if you discover the man you want is toxic? She tasted a little bit of heaven with him, and no [read more]


  • The Great Race: How the Chinese Zodiac Came to Be (Jade Stars)

    How the Chinese Zodiac Came to Be! The Jade Emperor decided to celebrate his birthday with a Great Race for his favorite animals. The first twelve animals to cross the finish line, he declared, would earn a place of honor in the heavens and become a symbol of the lunar calendar for all eternity. Read along as the animals, the emperor's Jade Stars, use their talent and determination to overcome ob [read more]

    • ASIN: 162634177X

  • The Bad Boys Of Molly Riot: The Complete Hard Rock Star Series (Contemporary Rockstar Romance Collection)

    Meet the Bad Boys Of Molly Riot. They'll pluck your heartstrings with their irresistible charms--and rock your deepest desires in ways you've never imagined.The Bad Boys Of Molly Riot: The Complete Hard Rock Star Series, reveals the stories behind all FIVE of the hottest rock stars you'll ever hear...North - I was a rock star in the most successful band in Miami. I had money, fame and millions of [read more]

    • ASIN: 1542872561

  • North (Hard Rock Star Series Book 1)

    I was a rock star in one of the most successful bands in the Miami area. I had money, fame and millions of female fans… and then my world came crashing down. I couldn’t believe it! I had to go to rehab “for my own safety.” Pffft!Whatever. I’ll spend a few weeks doing some BS art projects and waste some time listening to a bunch of idiot addicts whine about how their parents never loved t [read more]

    • ASIN: B01E1W20CI