TOP 10 Italian Couscous deals

  • Fondo di Toscana Italian Couscous, 1.1 Pounds

    Italian couscous is a pasta created by rubbing wet semolina wheat into little rustic pearls, then drying and toasting. Each little pearl is bigger than a grain of Moroccan couscous. This specialty from Sardinia has a toasty, rustic flavor. It is a delicious pasta - excellent as a side dish served with meat or seafood, as an entree served with tomato sauce, or as an ingredient in soup.

    • Brand: Fondo di Toscana
    • ASIN: B003AYME2A
    • UPC: 708152108444

  • La Casa del Grano Fregola Sarda Large

    Thanks to over 50 years of experience, La Casa del Grano is considered the leader in the production of traditional types of Sardinian pasta. Sa fregula Sarda, (Fregola Sarda) a typical Sardinian product, is made by adding water to bran contained in a basket, and moving the hand in a circular motion. Following this process, little quantities of pasta with a spherical shape are obtained; they are si [read more]

    • Brand: La Casa Del Grano
    • ASIN: B002WOT1PC

  • Bob's Red Mill Tri Color Pearl Couscous, 16 Ounce (Pack of 4)

    Bob's Red Mill Tri-Color Couscous is a fun way to liven up your meal with color! Also known as Israeli Couscous or Ptitim, this dish was created in the 1950s when rice, a staple in Israel, was scarce due to rationing. Wheat flour is rolled into tiny little balls (in this pack, some colored with paprika or spinach,) and toasted. It's ready to eat in just 10 minutes and can be used as you would use [read more]

    • Brand: Bob's Red Mill
    • ASIN: B0087MRNN0

  • DeLallo Organic Couscous, 17.6-Ounce Unit (Pack of 6)

    Couscous is so pervasive a part of life in North Africa that its Arabic name translates simply as "food". It came to Sicily during a North African occupation of the island, and quickly became as popular as pasta. And couscous essentially is a semolina pasta, though an immensely tiny one, both delicious and versatile. Our quick-cooking Organic Couscous works well with all sorts of seasonal vegetabl [read more]

    • Brand: DeLallo
    • ASIN: B001M1YWE6
    • UPC: 072368458502

  • Tiberino's Real Italian Meals - Cous cous w/ Porcini mushrooms

    These amazing Imported grain dishes can be easily cooked in minutes, and do not require any additional ingredients. All ingredients used are 100% natural! You can cook these in just 1 pan with no straining of water required either! These are fantastic for the family that likes to eat well but doesn't always have a lot of time to prepare a meal. One taste and you will agree! This cous cous is a won [read more]

    • Brand: Tiberino
    • ASIN: B0748S61XD

  • Rivoire Carret Couscous, 17-Ounce (Pack of 6)

    This pasta dish originated in Northern Africa but has late enjoyed soaring popularity worldwide because of its versatility, ease of preparation and healthful attributes. Moroccans customarily mound couscous on a serving platter and make a well the center.

    • Brand: Rivoire
    • ASIN: B004AHE9LA
    • UPC: 013932004541

  • Skinny Pasta 9.52 oz (6 Pack) - Weight Watchers - The Only Odor Free 100% Konjac Noodle - Pasta Weight loss - Low Calorie Food - Healthy Diet Pasta (Couscous)

    New to the US market, but available and popular in over 20 countries around the globe, Skinny Pasta aids in weight management with a delicious food staple that's completely free of sugar, gluten , wheat, lactose, soy, salt, cholesterol, fat and preservatives. Available in a traditional noodle shape, couscous, spaghetti, lasagna, fettuccini and rice, its main ingredient, the Konjac plant, is native [read more]

    • Brand: Skinny Pasta
    • ASIN: B01HH9OWNM
    • UPC: 653246103044

  • Bob's Red Mill Golden Couscous, 25 Pound

    Bob's Red Mill Couscous is simply precooked, coarsely-ground semolina (the endosperm of durum wheat) that is an excellent side dish, bed for soups and stews, or base for your favorite pasta sauce. It's also great for salads or as a replacement for rice in your favorite recipe. It's very quick-cooking, making it perfect for an easy weeknight dinner. See the recipe on the package for a sweet couscou [read more]

    • Brand: Bob's Red Mill
    • ASIN: B001SAZFGA
    • UPC: 039978105844

  • Organic Whole Wheat Couscous by Food to Live (Non-GMO, Kosher, Bulk) (3 Pounds)

    Couscous: Definition and History Couscous is a type of 'granular pasta' traditionally made of semolina (coarse, purified wheat middlings). It can be called 'granular' because it's extremely small. Organic Couscous from Food To Live is a top-quality product made with extreme care. We want to ensure that you enjoy this delicious dish and guarantee that our couscous will be tasty and fluffy if cooked [read more]

    • Brand: Food to Live
    • ASIN: B072KRCN4W
    • UPC: 650181890688

  • Bob's Red Mill Natural Pearl Couscous (4x16 Oz)

    Save on Bobs Red Mill Natural Pearl Couscous . (Description is informational only. Please refer to the actual manufacturer's product label prior to use. Please address any health I4concerns to your health professional prior to use.)

    • Brand: Bob's Red Mill
    • ASIN: B006R1VP6O
    • UPC: 039978004963