TOP 10 Giordana Cycling Jacket deals

  • Giordana FR-C Raggi Winter Jacket - Women's Black/Pink/Grey, S

    Deep winter calls for big protection, and few items combine insulation, elemental resistance, and a racer-friendly fit like the Giordana FR-C Raggi Women's Winter Jacket. The key to the jacket's utility is a partnership between Giordana and eVent, a relatively new competitor in the outdoor market whose products overcome one of the greatest obstacles facing winter warriors: the delayed reactivity o [read more]

    • Color: Black/Pink/Grey
    • Brand: Giordana
    • ASIN: B01LWT35V9
    • UPC: 842009100813

  • Giordana Sosta Winter Jacket - Men's Grey Plaid, XXL

    Giordana took inspiration from the Italian word for "pause" when creating its Men's Sosta Winter Jacket, thinking about the times we choose to ride for the sake of riding, rather than for strict splits and goal paces. Those types rides often happen more frequently in the off-season, when we're finished with training schedules and weekend races. So, the rain and wind that accompany the off-season a [read more]

    • Color: Grey Plaid
    • Brand: Giordana
    • ASIN: B01M640ECE
    • UPC: 842987097228

  • Giordana AV Extreme Winter Jacket - Men's Black/Orange, M

    Layering is the skeleton key to Giordana's latest winter clothing line, with each entry in the extensive weather-protection hierarchy designed to span a large range of conditions depending on what you wear underneath it. The Men's AV Extreme Winter Jacket follows the same ethos, but its starting line is, well, extreme. It's still a layer-friendly, race-fit jacket, but it receives a sizeable therma [read more]

    • Color: Black/Orange
    • Brand: Giordana
    • ASIN: B01M8ISBF8
    • UPC: 842987094852

  • Giordana NS Air 60 Jacket - Women's Yellow Fluo/Black, M

    When it comes to cycling in inclement weather, we're not afraid to be picky about gear because demanding exactly what we want means we also aren't afraid to brave nasty conditions. The Women's Giordana NS-Air 60 Jacket meets many of our expectations for anti-weather gear, including elemental protection, a relatively aggressively tailored fit, and a lightweight, eminently packable footprint. These [read more]

    • Color: Yellow Fluo/Black
    • Brand: Giordana
    • ASIN: B01FBFP6DY
    • UPC: 842987090069

  • Giordana 2017/18 Women's Sosta Cycling Jacket - GICW16-WJCK-SOST (Black - XS)

    Giordana's Sosta Women's Winter Jacket dispels the utilitarian notion that fashionable details and winter functionality aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. In fact, we'd suggest that the nexus between form and function is exactly where we'd expect to find Italy on a map of the cycling industry, and the Sosta is there waiting. When you find it, you'll also find a cycling-specific fit with a more [read more]

    • Color: Black/Pink
    • Brand: Giordana
    • ASIN: B01N0A6WUC
    • UPC: 842987097273

  • Giordana 2017/18 Men's Fusion Cycling Jacket - GICW16-JCKT-FUSI (Yellow Fluo / Black - 3XL)

    The Fusion Jacket uses a triple layer, DWR treated, polyester/spandex fabric with a windproof, water resistant membrane sandwiched between the shell and a light fleece interior. It protects against wind and moisture while retaining heat without sacrificing breathability. The soft comfortable pile lining also aids in the retention of body heat. Tailored to have a more relaxed overall fit in compari [read more]

    • Color: Yellow Fluo / Black
    • Brand: Giordana
    • ASIN: B01MCTL46A
    • UPC: 842987098539

  • Giordana 2017/18 Women's Fusion Cycling Jacket - GICW16-WJCK-FUSI (Pink - XL)

    There's a place for the race-minded, painted-on fit of the jerseys and jackets in Giordana's Acqua Vento line. Long winter base miles aren't necessarily that place. The Women's Fusion Jacket provides a different fit option in a windproof, water-resistant, fleece-lined package. The Fusion Jacket is for winter cyclists who want their cold-weather kit to stay as functional as their summer-weight fare [read more]

    • Color: Pink/Yellow
    • Brand: Giordana
    • ASIN: B01M8IS8A1
    • UPC: 842987098683

  • Giordana 2017/18 Men's Fusion Light Weight Cycling Jacket - GICW16-LWJK-FUSI (Yellow Fluo - M)

    TThe Fusion WindFront Jacket starts out like the full windproof Fusion jacket. It uses the same triple layer, DWR treated, polyester/spandex fabric with a windproof, water resistant membrane sandwiched between the shell and a light fleece interior. Where the Fusion Lightweight WindFront Jacket differs is on the back. Here, the windproof material is replaced with Roubaix to make it work in slightly [read more]

    • Color: Yellow Fluo
    • Brand: Giordana
    • ASIN: B01MEERA8B
    • UPC: 842987099062

  • Giordana 2017/18 Men's Fasce Vero Cycling Jacket - GICW16-JCKT-FASC (BLACK/RED/GREY - L)

    The Vero Jacket is fully windproof and water-resistant. It has the eVent DVwind membrane throughout. It features eVent's Direct Venting technology, engineered to keep you in the dry zone' - a steady state core temperature and humidity. By avoiding the temperature swings your body can go through while attempting to stay in balance during physical exertion, performance can be significantly increased [read more]

    • Color: BLACK/RED/GREY
    • Brand: Giordana
    • ASIN: B076DTJRCM
    • UPC: 842009101841

  • Giordana 2017/18 Women's Aqua Vento 100 Cycling Jacket - GICW16-WJCK-A100 (Black/Yellow Fluo - XL)

    Trying to decide between a jacket and a thermal jersey on some fall days is almost impossible. Choose incorrectly, and you could end up spending your ride tense and shivering or clammy and overheated. Fall weather can be notoriously difficult to predict, but the Giordana AV 100 Winter Jacket aims to make your pre-ride decisions a lot easier. Featuring a collection of hardworking but lightweight ma [read more]

    • Color: Black/Fluo Yellow
    • Brand: Giordana
    • ASIN: B01MG9CQEU
    • UPC: 842987096214