TOP 10 Faerie Door deals

  • The Faerie Door

    Long ago the Faerie Queen created portals between our world and hers, so that children could summon help from faeries whenever the need arose. But a wicked entity called the Shadow Knight is endeavoring to control the doors between the two worlds, and only evil can get through. It falls to two imaginative eleven-year-olds—Victoria Deveny, from 1890 Britain, and Elliot Good, from 1966 America—t [read more]

    • ASIN: 0152063455

  • Flower Fairies Magical Doors

    What happens when a little girl moves into a new house and discovers a tiny door? One day she manages to open it . . . and her world is forever changed when she gets her fi rst peek at the homes and the magical world of the Flower Fairies. As she starts to explore her neighborhood with a friend, they discover that there are more doors—all leading to the most secret of fairy places. Filled with g [read more]

    • Brand: Warne
    • ASIN: 0723263515

  • BesTim 10xLaser Cut Wooden Fairy Faerie Elf Doors Unpainted with Plaque Embellishment For Scrapbooking Card Wall Tree Crafts Decor Materia

    Description : The item is made from birch plywood with detailed engraving for wood, door knocker and handle. These will come to you raw unpainted ready for you to decorate in the colours of your choice.  Features : - Color: As shown in the picture.  - Material: Wooden.  - Size: 9.1 * 5.7cm(L * W).  - Perfect to be decorated with stains, inks, paint and embellishments.  - These will come t [read more]

    • Color: Yellow
    • ASIN: B01MTNS1VB
    • UPC: 611536563602

  • The Faerie Door: Poems from the Secret Garden and the Heathered Hills

    This is Will Melnyk’s fourth volume of poems, following Druidsong, The Promise of all Living, and Ukraina. The poems in this volume were written mostly in 2012 for his weblog, Laird William & Lady Glyn of Glencoe. Some few are substantially revised from earlier works. The poems are divided into two sections: Poems from the Secret Garden at RavenOak, and Poems from Iona and Glencoe Wood. RavenOak [read more]

    • Brand: Walter William Melnyk
    • ASIN: 1480111864

  • The Theatre of Shadows (Faerie Door Series Book 2)

    An evil Sorcerer Queen has entered London from another realm. Due to her pernicious influence, workhouses abound and hobgoblins terrorize the countryside. Ulricke is incognito as Mrs. Dreadlake.Elliot and Victoria must join together with the members of a magical lodge to stop her. But she must be stopped at one crucial moment. During the ninth performance of The Shadow Queen, a dramatic play, at t [read more]

    • ASIN: B00AP5CNF0

  • The Others, The Complete Collection: Wolf at the Door, She's No Faerie Princess, The Demon You Know, and More

    The Others, The Complete Series bundle contains Wolf at the Door, She's No Faerie Princess, The Demon You Know, Howl at the Moon, Walk on the Wild Side, One Bite with a Stranger, You're So Vein, Big Bad Wolf, Born to Be Wild, Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here, Black Magic Woman, Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale, On the Prowl, Drive Me Wild, Hungry Like a Wolf, and Heart of the Sea (Bonus Story)In the [read more]

    • ASIN: B00QQR11PO

  • The Door in the Hedge

    Master storyteller Robin McKinley here spins two new fairy tales and retells two cherished classics. All feature princesses touched with or by magic. There is Linadel, who lives in a kingdom next to Faerieland, where princesses are stolen away on their seventeenth birthdays-and Linadel's seventeenth birthday is tomorrow. And Korah, whose brother is bewitched by the magical Golden Hind; now it is u [read more]

    • Brand: Firebird
    • ASIN: 0698119606

  • A Wolf at the Door: A Jesse James Dawson Novel (Jesse Dawson)

      STAR STRUCK   Jesse James Dawson was once an ordinary man until he discovered that demons were real, and fighting them meant putting his own soul on the line. His new case is a beauty: Gretchen Keene, a Hollywood starlet who's become an unwitting catalyst in an all-out demon war. It's not her soul Jesse needs to protect, but the two-hundred-and-seventy-six others she's carting around--all the [read more]

    • Brand: Brand: Roc
    • ASIN: 045146463X

  • Handpainted Glitter Arch Wooden Magical Fairy Faerie Elf pixie door

    Handpainted Glitter Arch Wooden Magical Fairy Faerie Elf pixie door -Here we have our Lilac Fairy Door, a unique handpainted door painted in a lilac child friendly acrylic paint, finished with iridescent glitter and embellished with beautiful flowers with an added ribbon on the plaque for that extra touch of magic! Each door is approx 14cm high by 9cm wide - just big enough for the fairies but not [read more]

    • Color: Lilac, Pink, white
    • Brand: The Little Fairy Door UK
    • ASIN: B01MYDF1RT