TOP 10 Esp Test deals

  • Picture Your ESP!: Reveal Your Hidden Powers With "The Nu ESP Test"

    How psychic are you? Now you can test your own sense of psychic awareness - and you may just possibly amaze yourself! "Picture Your ESP! - Reveal Your Hidden Powers With The Nu ESP Test" is authored by international television mentalist Alain Nu, The Man Who Knows(tm). Star of the TLC network specials "The Mysterious World of Alain Nu," this unprecedented man of mystery has entertained audiences w [read more]

    • Brand: Brand: CFBP Bestsellers
    • ASIN: 0984208526

  • The Invisible Landscape: Mind, Hallucinogens, and the I Ching

    A thoroughly revised edition of the much-sought-after early work by Terence and Dennis McKenna that looks at shamanism, altered states of consciousness, and the organic unity of the King Wen sequence of the I Ching.

    • Brand: HarperOne
    • ASIN: 0062506358

  • Journeys Out of the Body: The Classic Work on Out-of-Body Experience

    With more than 300,000 copies sold to date, this is the definitive work on the extraordinary phenomenon of out-of-body experiences, by the founder of the internationally known Monroe Institute.

    • Brand: Harmony
    • ASIN: 0385008619

  • The Psychic Circle: The Magical Message Board

    Enter the realm where reality and mystery merge with The Psychic Circle™'s Magical Message Board™ and Companion Book.Open this box and embark upon a journey into yourself and beyond. Inside is all you will need to be thoroughly delighted the next time you and your "psychic circle" of friends get together for an evening of fun, surprises -- and magical messages! The Magical Message Board$#153; [read more]

    • Brand: Brand: Fireside 1993-10-01
    • ASIN: 0671866451

  • Don't Call Them Ghosts: The Spirit Children of Fontaine Manse- A True Story

    In 1971, the author and her family moved into a historic home known as the Fontaine Manse. Two days after moving in, she and her husband had an extraordinary experience that left them with no doubt that unseen residents occupied the house, too. This is the true story of how Kathleen McConnell came to know and care for the spirit children who lived in the attic of the mansion: Angel Girl, Buddy, a [read more]

    • Brand: Kathleen McConnell
    • ASIN: 0738705330

  • The Enchanted Spellboard: Magical Messages from the Spirit World

    Communicating with spiritual forces—ancestors, spirit guides, dreams, or inner wisdom—can lead to fascinating insights that change our lives for the better. The Enchanted Spellboard helps us connect, and receive those perceptive messages from the world beyond. Beautiful and easy to use, the kit contains an 18" x 18" folding board in full color, an engraved Magical Message Indicator®, and a 30-p [read more]

    • Brand: Brand: Enchanted World
    • ASIN: 0978696832

  • Free Zener Card ESP Test

    • Brand: Michael Tiffany
    • ASIN: B00N3HA6TC

  • The Mystery Traditions: Secret Symbols and Sacred Art

    A beautifully illustrated lexicon of the major symbology of the great esoteric traditions• Includes a new chapter on secret societies and their role in safeguarding and transmitting of esoteric knowledge• Includes a full-color reproduction of the medieval alchemical masterpiece Splendor SolisSymbol in the esoteric sense is not to be confused with allegory; symbolic images are the alphabet of t [read more]

    • Brand: James Wasserman
    • ASIN: 1594770883

  • Psychic: A Test of Extrasensory Perception (ESP) Using Zener Cards

    Ever get the feeling that you, or someone you know, might be a little psychic or gifted with the ability of ESP? Zener cards were made in the 1930s to try to test for psychic ability. Subjects tried to name the symbol on a card that the examiner was viewing. If the subject scored more correct answers than the benchmark of a random guess then they might be gifted with some level of psychic power [read more]


  • Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards: The Direct Link To Your Personal Psychic Support System

    Ask your Guides is a 52-card psychic intuitive oracle deck (with accompanying guidebook) based on the traditional minor arcana of the tarot. The deck is designed to not only guide you, the seeker, through present and upcoming life events and challenges, but will also connect you directly with specific spirit guides and divine helpers who are there to help you navigate these transitions and challen [read more]

    • Brand: Hay House
    • ASIN: 140190324X