TOP 10 Emg Control deals

  • EMG BQC Bass/Mid/Treble Control for Electric Bass

    The BQC Control features a bass and treble equalizer on a concentric (stacked) pot along with the concentric (stacked) mid-control. It takes up very little space and will work with any pickup, active or passive. It comes complete with knobs including 2 extra volume knobs. Package Includes: 2 concentric knobs sets, 2 extra knobs, output jack, and battery clip set.

    • Brand: EMG Pickups
    • ASIN: B003YQ0HBY
    • UPC: 654330600036

  • Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human Movement

    A thorough update of the classic book on human movement in biomechanics Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human Movement, Third Edition is the thoroughly updated and retitled version of the widely used Biomechanics of Human Movement. Integrating a common set of data and analyses with reliable material on biomechanical techniques, this up-to-date edition examines techniques used to measure and anal [read more]

    • ASIN: B0014ENUHQ

  • EMG-RPC Resonant Peak Control Potentiometer Kit

    The EMG RPC is a variable active control that boosts the high frequency response up to 6 dB at 4000 Hz, while simultaneously reducing low frequency response.

    • Color: White Black Red Blue
    • Brand: EMG
    • ASIN: B008JGQ8DU
    • UPC: 759681013105

  • EMG SPC Active Strat Presence Control

    The SPC or "Strat Presence Control" is often called the fat control. The original intent of the SPC was to turn the tone of a single-coil pickup into a dual-coil. This is accomplished by boosting the gain in a broad mid-band fashion and reducing the highs. The result is a fatter, louder tone from any single coil pickup, but you can also use it on a humbucking to give you a high output, really fat [read more]

    • Color: White Black Red Blue
    • Brand: EMG
    • ASIN: B001LNN1JW
    • UPC: 654330600449

  • EMG Split Shaft 25K Volume Potentiometer

    EMG 25K Volume Pot Split Long Shaft Solderless

    • Brand: EMG Pickups
    • ASIN: B007URSL4I
    • UPC: 654330800757

  • EMG EXG Guitar Expander Active Tone Control

    For flexibility in tone at your fingertips there is no better choice than the EXG Guitar Expander. The frequency response of the EXG is similar to normal guitar amp equalization. The lows and highs are boosted while the midrange is dipped out. The EXG is great for creating a fuller tone that doesn't get muddy, while keeping it clean and clear, letting your guitar stand out in the mix.

    • Color: White Black Red Blue
    • Brand: EMG
    • ASIN: B001LNN1JM
    • UPC: 654330600326

  • iPEGA PG-9025 Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller Gamepad Joystick for iPhone / iPod / iPad / Android Phone / Tablet PC

    Supports the vast majority of games: App store: such as Gunman Clive, Helium Boy, League of Evil League of Evil 2, Muffin Knight Free Stardash, Temple the Run, and so on. Android: Wild blood, Dungeon Hunter, Zombie, FC simulator, Shadow gun, Riptide GP, etc. Exclusive iPega game lobby only for Android. Note: Accessories only, mobile phone is not included~ Specification: Brand: iPega Model: PG-9025 [read more]

    • Color: xBlack
    • Brand: Ipega
    • ASIN: B00GJJ6UYQ
    • UPC: 733180182586

  • Control of reaching movements by muscle synergy combinations

    Controlling the movement of the arm to achieve a goal, such as reaching for an object, is challenging because it requires coordinating many muscles acting on many joints. The central nervous system (CNS) might simplify the control of reaching by directly mapping initial states and goals into muscle activations through the combination of muscle synergies, coordinated recruitment of groups of muscle [read more]

    • ASIN: B00XYXW5VC

  • Way Home

    Way Home' album released 2010 is Ornicia's debut album and was produced by acclaimed producer/songwriter and husband, Anthony "Antlow" Lowe. The songs on 'Way Home' were written by Ornicia and Anthony Lowe. Featured Artist include Antonio Allen, EMS, Ronnell Benjamin and others. Ornicia's unique and diverse style of music is displayed throughout is CD with the title track 'Way Home' reminding us o [read more]

    • ASIN: B004GEB6RM
    • UPC: 884502752236