TOP 10 Deionization Systems deals

  • Aquatic Life Single Stage Deionization System 2.5" x 10" w/TDS Meter

    Perfect for adding deionization (DI) stages to your current RO system, or to upgrade your RO/DI system by adding an additional stage. Canisters come with our clear, nuclear grade color changing mixed bed deionization resin cartridges (item 330091) and are refillable - bulk resin available in these sizes: 1 liter (refills 1.5, 10 inch cartridges), 2 liter (fills 3, 10 inch cartridges) and 5 liter ( [read more]

    • Brand: Aquatic Life
    • ASIN: B073DHFZDD
    • UPC: 810957015022

  • Express Water RODI10D 6 Stage Deionization + Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System 100 GPD RO Membrane DI Resin Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Filter Residential Under Sink

    Express water reverse Osmosis technology filter system finally, your way of getting unlimited, fresh, great tasting, purified drinking water with reverse Osmosis technology at an affordable price. Express Water is your premier manufacturer and supplier of reverse Osmosis and filtration systems. Our RO systems are manufactured and designed to meet industry standards with up to 99 percent removal of [read more]

    • Brand: Express Water
    • ASIN: B010RD13NM
    • UPC: 641990963977

  • Aquatic Life RO Buddie Four Stage Reverse Osmosis System with Color Changing Mixed Bed Deionization Cartridge

    The Aquatic Life RODI Buddie 50 GPD 4-stage reverse osmosis deionization (RODI) system features unbelievable affordability and functionality, all in a very compact design. Designed to provide a reliable source of economical filtered water for aquarium use, this system uses Thin-Film Composite (TFC) Membrane RO cartridges in conjunction with Carbon, Sediment and Mixed Bed DI cartridges to effective [read more]

    • Brand: Aquatic Life
    • ASIN: B00204CQF6
    • UPC: 810957010195

  • APEC Spot Free Water Deionization Car Wash System CWS-300

    We understand how frustrating to see hard water spots after a tireless car wash. We absolutely get it! This is why you need our professional car wash rinsing system. This system is designed to remove 100% of those troublesome, white water spots on your windows, paint, and auto body to produce an ultra-shiny finish and make your car beautiful. All it takes is our Spot-Free Car Wash Filter System. T [read more]

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: APEC Water Systems
    • ASIN: B01LY0WXU4
    • UPC: 854961005952

  • Deionization Resin Mixed Bed 5 Lb Bag

    This mixed bed resin is an industrial grade ion exchange resin which removes the total dissolved solids from water and is recommended in applications where reliable production of high quality water is needed. Excellent for aquariums, laboratory use, window cleaning and car washing, etc. Mixed bed resin is 1:1 volumetric ratio of a strong acid cation resin in Hydrogen form and a strong base Type [read more]

    • Brand: Windows101
    • ASIN: B00HZ7ZGA0
    • UPC: 608938320858

  • Aquatic Life Twist-In 100 Gpd 4-Stage Ro Unit (Sediment, Carbon Block, Membrane, Deionization)

    The Aquatic Life twist-in 100 gpd 4-stage reverse osmosis deionization system is a very compact water purification solution that efficiently combines reverse osmosis and deionization technology with our quick and easy to change twist-in replacement filter cartridges. The new twist-in media cartridge design makes filter changes simple, easy and clean – no tools required and no mess! the twist-in [read more]

    • Brand: Aquatic Life
    • ASIN: B01HRDE170
    • UPC: 810957013714

  • DI Resin Filter Clear Refillable Inline De-Ionization Aquarium RO Water System

    The clear housing cap can be taken off, so you can refill the DI resin as needed, also using the color changing DI resin, the color change can be observed. On average it is able to process about 500 gallons of RO water (may vary depending on many factors). Nuclear grade with color indicator: for production of demineralized water of high purity, silica free. When the resin is used up, the green col [read more]

    • Brand: Honey Lemon Store
    • ASIN: B01HF4I2Z8
    • UPC: 784316502747

  • AquaFX Barracuda RO/DI Aquarium Filter, 100 GPD

    The AquaFX Barracuda Reverse Osmosis Deionization (RO/DI) System includes the following features: high flow / high rejection AquaFX TFC Membrane, The AquaFX high efficiency 1-micron sediment filter, The AquaFX 2-micron Chlorine Guzzler Carbon Block Filter, AquaFX Virgin Color-indicating DI Resin Cartridge, 160 PSI pressure gauge, Solid Aluminum "no-rust" metal bracket, clear 10" filter cartridge h [read more]

    • Color: White and Clear
    • Brand: AquaFX
    • ASIN: B0043FYJ8M
    • UPC: 610074278870

  • 10 x 4-5/8 BB Nuclear Grade Mixed Bed Deionization Cartridge

    10 x 4-5/8 BB Nuclear Grade Mixed Bed Deionization Cartridge DI-3-10BB. 10 x 4-5/8(BB) Nuclear Grade Mixed Bed Deionization Cartridge Features: 10 x 4-5/8(BB) Nuclear Grade Mixed Bed Deionization Cartridge Features: The 10 BB Mixed Bed Deionizingcartridges have been developed in response to the requirements for deionized water in many industries. They are manufactured using an FDA-compliant resin [read more]

    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: Fresh Water Systems
    • ASIN: B002WDPPV2