TOP 10 Da Vinci Machines deals

  • Pathfinders Leonardo da Vinci Premium Aerial Screw (Helicopter Flying Machine) Wood Model Kit

    One of Leonardo's most iconic images, the Aerial Screw (also known as the Helicopter) illustrates the ingenuity of da Vinci, and indicates his obsession with flying. While this idea may never have got off the ground, it gave us an insight into the different ways in which Leonardo considered the challenge of human powered flying, and defines him as an inventor and visionary well ahead of his time.W [read more]

    • Brand: Pathfinders Design and Technology
    • ASIN: B00865U2RW
    • UPC: 777904485164

  • Academy Da Vinci Flying Machine

    This is the Da Vinci Flying Machine from the Academy Hobby Models Da Vinci Machines Series. Flying machine of Leonardo da Vinci inspired by birds Move the wings using the conversion of rotary motion in reciprocating motion from another invention of Leonardo No glue or paint required Illustrated instructions Includes: One plastic model Requires: Assembly, Hobby knife, Sprue cuttersĀ 

    • Brand: Academy
    • ASIN: B00BSV6HU2
    • UPC: 885371294636

  • ACADEMY Da Vinci Machines Series Flying Pendulum Clock - #18157

    A SNAP TOGETHER model of DaVincis Flying Pendulum Clock Easy to buildComplete step-by-step InstructionsNo glue, no paint, no tools neededBeautifully detailedLearn, enjoy the operation, collect the series Not your ordinary educational models, the da Vinci kits are based on the early designs of Leonardo da Vinci. The Flying Pendulum Clock needs no glue, paint or battery to finish and operate. Easy t [read more]

    • Brand: Academy Models
    • ASIN: B01EJJHL3Q

  • Da Vinci Rolling Ball Timer - Da Vinci Machines Series Kit by Academy #18174

    Leonardo da Vinci Time-measuring device with the motif of escape sketch. Understand the structure of mechanism that works organically, reproduce seesaw motion using rolling ball, with weight as power. Experience the imagination of Da Vinci

    • Brand: Academy Models
    • ASIN: B071X1TL11

  • Academy Da Vinci Paddle Boat

    ACA18130 Da Vinci Paddleboat Kit Academy Two pedals connected to a drive belt created recipricating motion to rotate the paddle wheels. Note: No painting, no gluing, and no batteries needed!

    • Brand: Academy
    • ASIN: B003L4FEX0
    • UPC: 716080177111

  • Leonardo Da Vinci Tank Kit

    Leonardo Da Vinci was a prolific inventor and artist who came up with amazing ideas for machines to attack and defend the Lords and Dukes of the time. This armored tank is a unique design that had never been seen before and had an interesting drive train of gears to make it move. His gear design was technically incorrect, and many have hypothesized that he did it on purpose (in case the drawings w [read more]

    • Brand: Pathfinders
    • ASIN: B06Y21RJ7R
    • UPC: 615872472901

  • Leonardo Da Vinci: Dreams, Schemes, and Flying Machines (Adventures in Art)

    From the Mona Lisa to the first designs for a flying machine, this compelling biography of a well-rounded genius and the prototypical Renaissance man focuses on the da Vinci's full range of interests, from art to anatomy. Original.

    • Brand: Brand: Prestel Publishing
    • ASIN: 3791321668

  • Neca Assassins Creed Brotherhood Exclusive Vehicle Da Vinci's Flying Machine

    A highly detailed replica of da Vinci's Flying Machine, the awesome glider as seen in the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood videogame. The glider wingspan extends over 60 cm and wings and tail are articulated. A 15-18 cm scale figure can be placed in the harness underneath and the cannon pivots and fires a spring loaded projectile.Dimensions: 60 x 23 cm (WxL)

    • Color: White, Beige
    • Brand: NECA
    • ASIN: B006846TKC
    • UPC: 634482608272

  • ACADEMY Da Vinci Machines Series Helicopter - #18159 by Academy Models

    ACA18159 Helicopter Da Vinci Machine Series Academy ModelsDa Vinci Series HelicopterThis kit is a replica of da Vincis Aerial Screw design, a forerunner of the modern helicopter.Structurally unable to fly, da Vincis design stimulated curiosty about the possibility of vertical flight; a mechanical spring controls rotation and vertical movements of the fuselage.Model requires assembly.

    • Brand: Academy Models
    • ASIN: B018NNBBBW
    • UPC: 792165688680

  • Edu-Toys Leonardo Da Vinci Great Kite

    Engino Solar Powered Cars Kit teaches inquisitive youngsters all about solar energy! As we seek to substitute fuels with alternative energy, one application will soon become a reality: solar power! Young inventors can now experiment with this technology using this hybrid Engino Kit that can run either with solar energy or with battery power. 8 models in all, plus the solar panel, motor module and [read more]

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Elenco
    • ASIN: B008VO7FPA
    • UPC: 769188610219