TOP 10 Compost Accelerator deals

  • Jobe’s Organics Compost Starter 4-4-2 Organic Gardening Compost Accelerator, 4 pound bag

    Use Jobe’s Organics Compost Starter with Biozome to speed up the composting process. Jobe’s Organics Compost Starter with Biozome, is specially formulated to help break down the organic matter in compost faster leading to a better soil for plants. The Jobe’s Biozome advantage for organic gardening: improves the long-term soil quality of your garden, increases root mass, promotes plant growt [read more]

    • Color: N/A
    • Brand: Jobe's Organics
    • ASIN: B002MZ2UOA
    • UPC: 737946595146

  • Roebic Laboratories CA-2.5-12 2-1/2-Pound Bacterial Compost Accelerator

    This product is a complete composting formula to accelerate the composting process. Easy to use and safe for the environment. Works on green or dry grass clippings, weeds, shrub trimmings, vegatable scraps and peelings. These bacteria grow over a wide temperature range, assuring constant action, even after turning or aerating the compost.

    • Color: green
    • Brand: Roebic Laboratories
    • ASIN: B000PDG5TC
    • UPC: 733169871425

  • Espoma Organic Traditions Compost Starter- 4 lb Bag BE4

    Espoma Organic Traditions Compost Starter- 4 lb Bag BE4

    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: Espoma
    • ASIN: B000HHSB4I
    • UPC: 050197023047

  • GreenPig Solutions 60 Compost Accelerator Treats, 108 Cubic Feet, Pack of 12

    Each water-soluble packet contains beneficial bacteria cultures that accelerate the natural composting process and help to control odors associated with compost piles. GreenPig compost accelerator rapidly converts grass clippings, weeds, leaves, pine needles, pine cones, small twigs, animal bedding and food scraps into fertile humus. This organic humus can be used in gardens, flower beds, around b [read more]

    • Brand: GreenPig Solutions
    • ASIN: B00FGKLP44
    • UPC: 662413000055

  • Bokashi Brothers Bokashi 2.2lb Bag (1 kg)

    Bokashi Brothers by AAG Biotics, a major manufacturer of one of the top selling national brands of Bokashi, is now selling direct on Amazon!  This is the same premium double-fermented Bokashi with over 65 trace minerals that is good for your indoor composter (outdoor composting as well), kitty litter odor control, soil building and many other uses.  Now you can buy direct and save! AAG Biotics i [read more]

    • Brand: Bokashi Brothers
    • ASIN: B01AS6SRE6

  • Dr. Earth 727 Compost Starter

    Dr. Earth Compost Starter is a superior blend of alfalfa meal, seaweed extract and beneficial soil microbes. For all composting applications. Creates true humus. Speeds up the decomposition of raw organic materials. Contains the necessarty microbes to break down the organic material in your compost pile. People and pet safe.

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Dr. Earth
    • ASIN: B0047BIVP4
    • UPC: 617407722710

  • All-Natural Compost Starter (3 Quarts)

    Our compost starter is a microbial inoculant amendment. It enhances microbial activity in soil, resulting in a better soil structure and healthier plants. When added to a compost pile, it kickstarts the composting process. It can also be used to control odors in the garden or compost pile. Our product is all natural and contains Teraganix's EM-1® (Effective Microorganisms®) Microbial Inoculant. [read more]

    • Brand: Green Texan Organic Farms
    • ASIN: B012TQQA7Y
    • UPC: 860616000180

  • Compost Starter Super Hot174;, 7-Pound. Resealable Bag

    We've reformulated our Super Hot® Compost Starter to give you even better results from your compost pile. The high-energy blend of nitrogen-rich ingredients and hungry microorganisms produces finished compost in record time. Comes in a handy, re-sealable bag.

    • Brand: Gardener's Supply Company
    • ASIN: B00319MJII

  • 10.5 lbs Premium Bokashi Bran (Compost Accelerator) (1 year supply)

    This premium compost accelerator (bokashi bran) is a careful mix of bran and molasses, and is infused with billions of beneficial bokashi microorganisms. It has been double fermented, using the highest quality bacterial cultures (enhanced EM1 +), to ensure that it's teeming with billions of live microbes, ready to ferment and compost your food scraps. These beneficial microbes are proven to be a k [read more]

    • Color: brown
    • Brand: Bokashi Living
    • ASIN: B075W7BCTL
    • UPC: 752830782945

  • Envirolet Compost Accelerator (16oz jar)

    New! 3 times more concentrated than before! Envirolet® Compost Accelerator is applied to your Envirolet® composting system once every two weeks with a small amount of warm water. Helps accelerate the composting process in your system. Can also be added to your home or backyard composter. A 16oz jar will last approximately 9-12 months when using 1 tablespoon every 2 weeks with a warm cup of water [read more]

    • Brand: Envirolet
    • ASIN: B0001BVFFM