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  • Chicago Surface Lines: An Illustrated History

    Many books have celebrated Chicago's pre-eminent place as a railroad, airline, truck and waterway center; few books have focused on the city's internal transportation system. For more than a half-century electric streetcars were the prime movers of Chicagoans, and this book tells the story of those cars. Illustrated with more than 500 photograqphs, many equipment rosters, tables, and detailed syst [read more]

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  • Chicago Surface Lines: An Illustrated History

    Comprehensive history of the electric street railways that provided transportation for most Chicagoans for over fifty years. At one point in the 1930s, the Chicago Surface Lines was the world's largest street railway, carrying more daily passengers than all the nation's railroads and airlines combined. It also had a large fleet of buses and trolley coaches. This book provides a detailed look at ev [read more]

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  • Chicago Surface Lines: The Big 5 Routes and 5 Others

    Stapled softcover, 8.5x11", 100 pages, 110 b/w and color photos. 2015. "CSL was the world's largest street railway. "In 1931, the five largest Chicago Surface Lines routes, in terms of originating revenue passengers, were Ashland, Clark-Wentworth, Halsted, Madison and Milwaukee. The combined riding on these routes was greater than the total riding in many medium-sized American cities. CSL also had [read more]

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  • Chicago Surface Lines: Linking Chicago's Neighborhoods

    "Dispatch No. 8 is Chicago Surface Lines: Linking Chicago's Neighborhoods, edited by Richard F. Begley, with George E. Kanary and Walter R. Keevil. This 100-page publication includes 132 photos (24 of them in color) and 3 color maps. "Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, with residents self-identifying as being from, for example, Hyde Park or Albany Park or Beverly or Uptown. The neighborhoods are [read more]

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  • Seeing Greater Chicago: A Sightseeing and Route Guide (Classic Reprint)

    Excerpt from Seeing Greater Chicago: A Sightseeing and Route GuideOn June 9, 1921, General John J. Pershing (black Jack of the World War) paid a visit to the Pershing Road tract Of The Central Mfg. District.Since that time the development of Persho ing Road has been one Of the phenomena of Chicago's giant strides forward. The visit of this great leader marked the inception of, and gave impetus to, [read more]

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  • Chicago Surface Lines, an Illustrated History: Supplement to the First and Second Editions

    Black and white photos accompany text which, after much research, revises the date for many route changes and supplies new data on obscure operations both of which were presented in the second edition book published in 1974. 96 pages.

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  • Shadowfolds: Surprisingly Easy-to-Make Geometric Designs in Fabric

    Shadowfolds are a rich blend of traditional motifs expressed in a contemporary style. The technique, pioneered by artist Chris K. Palmer, creates patterns from a single, uncut panel of cloth, using a simple, three-step process.In Shadowfolds, Jeff Rutzky, himself an accomplished and passionate origamist, and Palmer offer detailed and fascinating information about the technique and its origins in b [read more]

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  • A CENTURY OF CHICAGO STREETCARS 1858-1958: A Pictorial History of the World's La

    Updated edition of 1964 original -- this version has 10 more pages (and a dust jacket). Detailed history of the Chicago streetcar lines. Illustrated throughout with black and white photos, schematic diagrams, and line drawings. With maps, routes, list of abandonments, and equipment rosters for the various companies. 154 pages with index.

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  • Ice: The Nature, the History, and the Uses of an Astonishing Substance

    More brittle than glass, at times stronger than steel, at other times flowing like molasses, ice covers 10 percent of the earth’s land and 7 percent of its oceans.Mariana Gosnell here explores the history and uses of ice in all its complexity, grandeur, and significance. From the freezing of Pleasant Lake in New Hampshire to the breakup of a Vermont river at the onset of spring, from the frozen [read more]

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